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In Case Of Carbon Monoxide Alarm; Silencing And Clearing A Carbon Monoxide Alarm - Honeywell 6271CV User Manual

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Fire Alarm System Operation (Cont'd)
producing objects in their vicinity. In this case, eliminate the
source of heat or smoke.
3. If this does not remedy the problem, there may still be smoke in
the detector. Clear it by fanning the detector for about 30 seconds.
4. When the problem has been corrected, clear the display by
entering the DISPLAY FAULTS button on the Arming screen,
selecting the fire zone, pressing the CLEAR button and then
entering your user code.
Note: Contact your Security Company for servicing if you have
further problems with your fire system.

In Case of Carbon Monoxide Alarm

1. In the event of a carbon monoxide emergency, the CO detector
will automatically send signals to your Control/Communicator,
triggering a loud interrupted sound from the keypad. An
interrupted sound will also be produced by optional exterior
Station/Security Company immediately and wait for further

Silencing and Clearing a Carbon Monoxide Alarm

1. Once all is clear, silence, acknowledge, and clear the alarm by:
a. For Residential Systems: Press "Touch here to Silence" on
the display to silence the alarm.
For Commercial Systems: Enter your code. This will
silence and acknowledge the alarm and disarm the system (if
b. Press the CLEAR button followed by your code. This will
acknowledge the alarm and disarm the system (if armed).
c. Press the DISPLAY FAULTS button on the Arming screen.
The faulted carbon monoxide zone will be displayed.
d. Press the CLEAR button and then enter your code. This will
clear the Carbon Monoxide Alarm from the system.
2. If the keypad does not indicate a READY condition after the
second sequence, press the DISPLAY FAULTS key on the Arming
screen to display the zone(s) that are faulted. Be sure to check that


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