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Descaling - MAGIMIX L EXPRESSO FILTRE Instructions For Use Manual

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Limescale is the main cause of malfunction. The first sign of the build-up of scale is a change in
the quality of your coffee. It will also eventually damage your appliance. This is why you must
regularly descale your coffee maker in order to ensure that it continues to function properly,
without any reduction in its lifespan. The speed at which your appliance is affected will depend
on the hardness of your water.
NB : Problems due to failure to descale or descaling that has not been carried out according to
the instructions for use are not covered by the warranty.
Descaling method :
We recommend you use a special descaling product for coffee makers (avoid powders which do
no dissolve well).
Never use vinegar.
The drip tray and grid: once a week, clean with a mild detergent.
The filter holder and the filters: always rinse them quickly under the
tap after use. From time to time, clean them with a mild detergent.
Do not soak the filter holder and the filters in a descaling pro-
duct, as this may damage them.
NB : The drip tray must be emptied regularly.
The pipe: always rinse and wipe clean after use, as described on
Regularly, or if the pipe becomes clogged, unscrew it in an anticlock-
wise direction and clear it with a needle.
The extractor head: the ground coffee sometimes sticks to the seal and
the grid of the extractor head. Wipe it with a damp sponge.
Do not use alcohol, solvents or aggressive cleaning products.
NB : We advise against washing the removable parts in the
dishwasher, as this may make them more fragile and cause their
colour to fade.

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