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Aftercare; Cleaning; Descaling - MAGIMIX LA CAFETIERE Instructions For Use Manual

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Always unplug your appliance before embarking on any kind of maintenance task.
Never use alcohol, solvents or aggressive cleaning products.



Your coffee machine is equipped with a stainless-steel heating element, which reduces the for-
mation of limescale. However, it is important to descale your appliance every 8 or 10 months
- or more often if you notice that the coffee is taking longer to brew.
Descaling method :
We recommend you use a descaling product specially formulated for coffee machines.
Never use vinegar.
Remove the water filter while your are descaling.
1. Fill the tank with fresh water up to the maximum level, then pour in the liquid descaler
according to the manufacturer's instructions.
2. Plug in your appliance and place the pot under the empty filter holder (no paper filter or
ground coffee).
3. Press the
button to switch your appliance on.
4. Once the water tank is empty, switch off your appliance by pressing the
5. Wait for approx. 10 minutes to allow the coffeemaker to cool, then rinse the circuits through
with the equivalent of two full pots of fresh water.


The appliance housing : from time to time, clean the external
surfaces of the appliance with a damp cloth.
The coffee pot : always empty it and clean it with a mild washing-
up liquid after use.
The thermos coffee pot : never immerse it completely in hot
water. Clean the outside with a soft cloth. Clean the inside with
a little water and washing-up liquid using a soft brush, then rinse.
Always rinse the lid under the tap after use.
Never put the thermos pot in the dishwasher.

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