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Connection Method Of Water Supply Pipeline In The Houses Where A Solar Water Heat Coexists With Another Type Of Water Heater; Ê ¹ Ó Ã Ë Μ Ã ÷ Operation Instructions; The Operation Method - Haier S110EHF User Manual

Solar water heater
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Installation instructions
Connection method of water supply pipeline in the houses
where a solar water heat coexists with another type of water
Tap water

The operation method:

1.Before using hot water, valves K1, K2 and K3 must be in closed state;
2.To fill water, open valve K1. When water flows out from the overflow pipe, it indicates
the water tank is full. At this time, close valve K1.
3.To use hot water, open valve K2. Hot water will come out from the shower nozzle.
If it is too hot, open valve K3 to adjust the water temperature.
4.Close valves K2 and K3 after use.
Electric heater
Ê ¹ Ó Ã Ë µ Ã ÷
Another type
When a solar water heat coexists
with another type of water heater,
water heater
check valves must be installed on
both cold and hot water pipes to
avoid damage caused by reverse
water flow from tank of another
heater, which has higher pressure,
to that of the solar heater.
Water inlet
and outlet
Tap water
Operation instructions
To the tank of the
solar water heater
Solar water heater
Overflow pipe



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