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Answer second incoming call
If there is a second incoming call in the process of talk, the screen will display a second call
is waiting. Call wait function is only available when the network supports this service and you
have set to Enabled in Call wait menu.
Press [Answer soft key] or [Send key] to answer second call. When the second call is put
through, the fi rst call will be switched to hold state.
Press [End key] to terminate the second call.
Select current phone number
Information of the other side is indicated by small icon in title area of the screen.
Select the number in talking and press [Option soft key] to display following options:
New call: Current call enters hold state, while the held call is activated.
End single call: fi shing one call.
End all call: fi shing calls all.
Phonebook: press this key in this state to enter phone book.
Message center: press this key in this state to enter short message


Table of Contents

Table of Contents