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Menu Functions; Phonebook - Haier A70 User Manual

User manual
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3. Menu Functions

You can press [Center] key in standby state to enter the main menu.
Once you have entered the main menu, you can select corresponding options by using
[Navigation key] .
When the cursor moves to an option, icon of the option will be highlighted in the original
position with animation effect.
Stop the cursor on an option and press [Center] key to enter the function window of the option.
Press [End key] to return to standby mode.

3.1 Phonebook

You can save names and phone numbers (contacts) in the phone memory or in the SIM card
3.1.1 Quick Search
Input the name you want to search the contacts quickly .
Contacts in the phone book are listed in the order of English alphabet.
Press the number key continuously to select letter or number you want. For example, press the
key "2" to select "a" "b" "c" or"2" .


Table of Contents