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Sound recorder: Enter record state.

2 Text edit

Input mode
When you use your cell phone, you may need to enter text. For example, to save a name in
phonebook, write a short message, and create an agenda. You can enter letters, symbols and
numbers through keyboard of your cell phone.
In edit state, press [#] key to select proper text input mode. This cell phone provides
FR,fr,ABC,abc,123 input ways.
Default input mode after power-on is Smart English. If you have changed input method in edit
window, the setting will be saved when you enter edit screen again as long as the cell phone
has not been powered off. Press [*] to enter symbol selection mode.

2.1 Smart English input mode

In Smart English input mode, each letter needs to be pressed once only. A key on the keyboard
represents several letters. When it is pressed, Smart English input mode will automatically
compare the word with words in language database and make a correct choice.Press [Center
key] to confi rm the input word.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents