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Services - Haier A70 User Manual

User manual
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Table of Contents
Enter the menu to view SIM1 call history and SIM2 call history. SIM1/SIM2 Missed Calls: View the missed calls list. SIM1/SIM2 Dialed Calls: View the dialed calls list. SIM1/SIM2 Received Calls: View the received calls list. Delete SIM1/SIM2 Call Log: Delete the entire calls log. SIM1/SIM2 Call Time:View the SIM1/SIM2 call time SIM1/SIM2 SMS Counter
View the quantity of the SMS you received and sent. SIM1/SIM2 GPRS Counter
View the bytes of the SMS you received and sent.

3.3 Services

Homepage: Connect to home page.
Bookmarks: Enter bookmarks where have fi ve bookmarks
Recent Pages: Enter the history page
Offl ine Pages: choice the old page


Table of Contents