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+ Country code
After pre-fi x, enter country code and complete phone number you want to dial. According to
conventions, county code for Germany is 49, and 44 for UK and 46 for Sweden, etc.
Similar to making an international call, "0" before city code should be removed.
For example, you must dial +86 21 114 if you want to dial Shanghai's service hotline from
another country.
Note: In some networks, it is not allowed to use "+" to dial international phone
Dial a number in the list
Every phone number you dialed or received is saved in Call history in your mobile phone.
Phone numbers you dialed or received recently are recorded in four sub-menus under the list
according to category, namely missed, Received, and Dialed. Phone number of the call you
received most recently is located at the top of every list. When phone number list is full, old
numbers will be deleted automatically. Operate as follows:
Press 1/2 Send key to view record of dialed numbers and press [Right navigation key] and [Left
navigation key] to view record of dialed, missed and received calls.
Complete phone number
Send key


Table of Contents

Table of Contents