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code protection, there will be prompt for entering PIN code. If wrong PIN code is entered for
three times, SIM card will be automatically locked. You have to enter PUK code so as to unlock
it. PIN code is related to SIM card instead of the cell phone, and is provided by network service
PUK code
PUK code, referring to personal unlock code, is used to unlock SIM card that is locked because
of wrong input of PIN code. If wrong input of PUK code amounts to ten times, SIM card will lose
effi cacy. PUK code is provided by network service operator.

1.5 Quick Guide

1.5.1 Dial numbers
When logo of network provider appears on the screen, you can dial or answer calls. Information
bars at upper left corner of the screen show intensity of network signal.
Since quality of call is greatly affected by barrier, movement in small range can effectively
improve quality of call.
Make domestic phone call
Use number keys to input phone number in standby state and then press 1/2 send key to start


Table of Contents

Table of Contents