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Haier A70 User Manual page 80

User manual
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Table of Contents
[Right Navigation key]: Play the next fi le.
[List]: List all the music.
Choose the music to set the following functions
Play; Play the selected music.
Details: View the details of the song.
Add To Rings: Add the song to the ring.
Refresh List: Refresh the list from phone or memory card.
Settings: To set the following functions: Pre. play list, List auto gen. Repeat, Shuffle,
Background play, BT stereo output, BT stereo headset, Spectrum display.
3.6.4 Video Player
Choose the video you saved and play
Open: Play the video fi le.
Forward: Forward the video fi le to someone.
Rename: Rename the video fi le.
Delete: Delete the video fi le.
Delete All Files: Delete all the video fi les in the phone/memory card.


Table of Contents