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Leveling The Range; Model And Serial Number Location; Check Operation - Frigidaire Gallery Premier FGES3075K Installation Instructions Manual

30" electric slide-in range
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Leveling the Range

Level the range and set cooktop height before
installation in the cut-out opening.
1. Install an oven rack in the center of the oven.
2. Place a level on the rack. Take 2 readings with
the level placed diagonally in one direction and
then the other. Level the range, if necessary, by
adjusting the 4 leg levelers with a wrench (see
3. Taking care to not damage the countertop, slide
range into cut-out opening and double check
for levelness.
Figure 8

Check Operation

Refer to the Use and Care Manual packaged with
the range for operating instructions and for care and
cleaning of your range.
Do not touch the elements. They may be
hot enough to cause burns.
Remove all packaging from the oven before testing.
1. Operation of Surface Elements
Turn on each of the four surface elemens and check to
see that they heat. Check the surface element indicator
light(s), if equipped.
2. Operation of Oven Elements
The oven is equipped with an electronic oven control. Each
of the functions has been factory checked before shipping.
However, it is suggested that you verify the operation of
the electronic oven controls once more. Refer to the Use
and Care Manual for operation. Follow the instructions for
the Clock, Timer, Bake, Broil, Convection (some models)
and Clean functions.
Bake–After setting the oven to 350°F (177°C) for
baking, the lower element in the oven should become
Broil–When the oven is set to BROIL, the upper element
in the oven should become red.
Clean–When the oven is set for a self-cleaning cycle, the
upper element should become red during the preheat
portion of the cycle. After reaching the self-cleaning
temperature, the lower element will become red.
Convection (some models)–When the oven is set to
CONV. BAKE/ROAST at 350°F (177°C), both elements
cycle on and off alternately and the convection fan will
turn. The convection fan will stop turning when the oven
door is opened during convection baking or roasting.
Warmer Drawer (some models)–Set the control knob
to HI and check to see the drawer is heating.
When All Hookups are Complete
Make sure all controls are left in the OFF position.

Model and Serial Number Location

The serial plate is located on the oven front frame behind
the oven door (some models) or behind the drawer
(some models).
When ordering parts for or making inquiries about your
range, always be sure to include the model and serial
numbers and a lot number or letter from the serial plate
on your range.
Before You Call for Service
Read the Before you call list and operating instructions
in your Use and Care Manual . It may save you time and
expense. The list includes common occurrences that are
not the result of defective workmanship or materials in
this appliance.
Refer to the warranty and service information in your Use
and Care Manual for our phone number and address.
Please call or write if you have inquiries about your range
product and/or need to order parts.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents