Moving The Appliance For Servicing And Cleaning; Range Installation; Leveling The Range - Frigidaire CPDS3085KF Installation Instructions Manual

30" dual fuel slide-in range
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Moving the Appliance for
Servicing and Cleaning
Turn off the range line fuse or circuit breakers at the
main power source, and turn off the manual gas shut-off
valve. Make sure the range is cold. Remove the service
drawer (warmer drawer on some models) and open the
oven door. Lift the range at the front and slide it out
of the cut-out opening without creating undue strain
on the flexible gas conduit. Make sure not to pinch
the flexible gas conduit at the back of the range when
replacing the unit into the cut-out opening. Replace
the drawer, close the door and switch on the electrical
power and gas to the range.

Range Installation

Important Note: Door removal is not a requirement for
installation of the range, but is an added convenience.
Refer to the Use and Care Guide for oven door removal
Standard Installation
The range cooktop overlaps the countertop at the
sides and the range rests on the floor. The cooktop
is 31½" (80 cm) wide.
Install base cabinets 30" (76.2 cm) apart. Make
sure they are plumb and level before attaching
cooktop. Shave raised countertop edge to clear
31½" (80 cm) wide range top rim.
Install cabinet doors 31" (78.7 cm) min. apart so as
not to interfere with range door opening.
Cutout countertop exactly as shown on page 1.
Make sure the four leveling legs are setup higher
than the height of the cabinet (shown on page 3).
Install the anti-tip bracket at
this point before placing the range at its
final position. Follow the installation instructions
on page 13 or on the anti-tip bracket template
supplied with the range.
To provide an optimum installation, the top surface
of the countertop must be level and flat (lie on the
same plane) around the 3 sides that are adjacent
to range cooktop. Proper adjustments to make
the top flat should be made or gaps between the
countertop and the range cooktop may occur.
To reduce the risk of damaging your
appliance, do not handle or manipulate it by the
cooktop. Manipulate with care.
Position range in front of the cabinet opening.
(Models with an Electric Oven and a Gas Cooktop)
Make sure that the underside of the cooktop
clears the countertop. If necessary, raise the unit
by lowering the front leveling legs and the back
leveling wheels.
Level the range (see section 10). The floor
where the range is to be installed must be level.
Follow the instructions under "Leveling the
Slide the range into the cutout opening.
If Accessories Needed :
Installation With Backguard
The cutout depth of (21 3/4" (55.2 cm)Min., 22 1/8"
(56.2cm) Max.) needs to be increased to 24" (61 cm)
when installing a backguard.
Installation With End Panel
A End Panel kit can be ordered through a Service
Installation With Side Panels
A Side Panels kit can be ordered through a Service
Center. Note: Install cabinet doors 31" (78.7 cm) min.
apart so as not to interfere with range door opening.

Leveling the Range -

Level the range and set cooktop height before
installation in the cut-out opening.
1. Install an oven rack in the center of the oven.
2. Place a level on the rack (Figure 12). Take 2 readings
with the level placed diagonally in one direction
and then the other. Level the range, if necessary, by
adjusting the 4 leg levelers with a wrench.
3. Taking care to not damage the countertop, slide
range into cut-out opening and double check for
Figure 12



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