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Important Safety Warning; Anti-Tip Brackets Installation Instructions - Frigidaire Gallery Premier FGES3075K Installation Instructions Manual

30" electric slide-in range
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Important Safety Warning

To reduce the risk of tipping of the range, the range
must be secured to the floor by properly installed anti-tip
brackets and screws packed with the range. Those parts
are located in a plastic bag in the oven. Failure to install
the anti-tip brackets will allow the range to tip over if
excessive weight is placed on an open door or if a child
climbs upon it. Serious injury might result from spilled
hot liquids or from the range itself.
Follow the instructions below to install the anti-tip
If range is ever moved to a different location, the anti-
tip brackets must also be moved and installed with the
range. To check for proper installation, see step 5.
Tools Required:
5/16"(0,79 cm) Nutdriver or Flat Head Screwdriver
Adjustable Wrench
Electric Drill
3/16"(0,5 cm) Diameter Drill Bit
3/16"(0,5 cm) Diameter Masonry Drill Bit (if installing in

Anti-Tip Brackets Installation Instructions

Brackets attach to the floor at the back of the range to
hold both rear leg levelers. When fastening to the floor,
be sure that screws do not penetrate electrical wiring or
plumbing. The screws provided will work in either wood
or concrete.
Back Edge of
Range or Rear Wall
9 1/8"
(23.2 cm)
28 1/8"
(71.4 cm)
Figure 9
Anti-Tip Bracket
(46.4 cm)
(Rear width of range
with body sides)
1. Unfold paper template and place it flat on the floor
with the back and side edges positioned exactly
where the back and sides of range will be located
when installed. (Use the diagram below to locate
brackets if template is not available.)
2. Mark on the floor the location of the 4 mounting
holes shown on the template. For easier installation,
3/16" (0.5 cm) diameter pilot holes 1/2" (1.3 cm)
deep can be drilled into the floor.
3. Remove template and place brackets on floor
with turned up flange to the front. Line up holes
in brackets with marks on floor and attach with 4
screws provided. Brackets must be secured to solid
floor. If attaching to concrete floor, first drill 3/16"
(0.5 cm) dia. pilot holes using a masonry drill bit.
4. Level range if necessary, by adjusting 4 leg levelers
with wrench. (See Figure 10 below.) A minimum
clearance of 1/8" (0.8 cm) is required between the
bottom of the range and the rear leg levelers to
allow room for the anti-tip brackets.
5. Slide range into place making sure rear legs are
trapped by ends of brackets. Range may need to
be shifted slightly to one side as it is being pushed
back to allow rear legs to align with brackets. You
may also grasp the top rear edge of the range and
carefully attempt to tilt it forward to make sure
range is properly anchored.
Leveling Leg
Figure 10


Table of Contents

Table of Contents