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Integrated digital hd ready colour televisions
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Important Information
LCD panels are produced with state-of-the-art technology. However, there may be black or
lit spots on the screen under certain circumstances. That does not mean that the product is

1.1 Cleaning the screen and cabinet...

After powering off, wipe the screen and the cabinet clean with a soft and dry cloth. We
recommend that you do not use patented polishes or solvents to clean the screen or cabinet
since they may cause damage.

1.2 Disposing of your TV at the end of service life...

The cold cathode fluorescent lamp found in your LCD screen contains a very small amount of
mercury. Once your TV set has completed its physical life, please dispose of it in accordance
with local government regulations or leave it at a recycling centre.

1.3-Superior features of your integrated digital television

This television can receive and process all analogue and digital broadcastings. This television
set has an integrated digital and analogue receiver. The digital receiver unit processes the
signals coming from digital transmitters and can convert them into superior sound and image
qualities. TV Guide (valid for digital broadcastings only) informs you about changes in the
program list briefly and provides program lists of all digital broadcastings for a number of
forthcoming days. You can display detailed information about each program by pressing a
single button if this feature is supported by the broadcasting enterprise. This television has a
comprehensive and user friendly menu configuration.

1.4-Receiving digital broadcasting channels

You will need an outdoor aerial to receive digital broadcastings. Contrary to the analog
broadcastings, all digital broadcastings may not have their own transmission frequency.
Instead, various digital broadcasting channels are gathered in regional or national
groups called bouquets. You can find current transmission data from teletexts of various
broadcasting enterprises or from TV guide or from the internet.
• HD signals must be connected to the HDMI input or component (YPbPr) inputs. See
page 8 for external connections.
• You should check your postcode to make sure that you are in freeview coverage area

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents