10-Help And Tips - Beko 15WLP530HID Operating Instructions Manual

Integrated digital hd ready colour televisions
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Help and tips
The television does not function
Poor picture quality
Shadow and reflection in the
No picture
No colour.
No or defective teletext
No sound
Remote control does not work
Picture is not visible after turning
on the TV
If your television does not work properly even though you tried the above mentioned
solutions, try turning it on and off again. If you cannot start your television even though you
have applied all noted methods, refer to the dealer or authorised service from where you
purchased the product. Never attempt to repair a faulty TV yourself.
Possible cause
Is the power cable connected to the
mains supply?
Is the main power On/Off button on?
Is the antenna cable attached?
If you are using a satellite antenna, is
it well adjusted?
Antenna may be affected by two
connected external TV.
It may need fine tuning.
Picture settings are not correct.
Channel setting
Is there any damage on the antenna
Are you sure you pressed the correct
button on your remote control?
Colour intensity level is at the lowest
Broadcast system setting (if setting
choice is available)
Problem in channel broadcasting.
Television channel (no teletext) or
antenna system.
Very weak signal
Temporary sound mute may be on
Is the sound turned down?
Are the batteries correctly placed?
Are batteries exhausted?
Is there any obstacle between the
remote control and television?
Child lock is active.
Check the power cable.
Check if the On/Off button is on.
Check the antenna cable.
Have the antenna adjusted.
Try disconnecting one of the TV.
Perform fine tuning.
Adjust Brightness, Contrast and
Perform automatic, manual channel
setting or fine tuning.
Check antenna cable and system
Check the antenna cable.
Press PR+ or PR- button to turn on
the TV.
Lighten the colour.
Select the broadcast system.
Test with another channel.
Test another channel for fine tuning
and shadowy pictures
Check the antenna system.
Try pressing the mute button
Turn on the volume with Vol + button.
Place the batteries correctly.
Replace the batteries with new ones.
If yes, remove it.
Disable the child lock.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents