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Beko nicam stereo colour televisions operating instructions


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  • Page 1 C O L O U R T E L E V I S I O N S NICAM STEREO 24”, 25”, 26”, 28”, 29”, 32”, 33” Operating Instructions...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    List of contents Special features Safety instructions Getting started Aerial connection Switching on Battery fitting Control unit Front and rear panel External connections table Remote control Using the TV TV controls Manual tuning Automatic tuning Child lock Program table TV setup Sound menu Picture menu Features menu...
  • Page 3: Special Features

    Television Thank you for buying this television which is designed to give you many years of satisfactory service. Y ou may already be familiar with using a television but do please take time to read these instructions. They are designed to familiarise you with the unit’s many new features and to ensure you get the very best out of your purchase.
  • Page 4: Safety Instructions

    Safety is Important Y our safety and the safety of others is important. Please, therefore, ensure you read the Safety instructions before you operate this television. Safety instructions Read all the safety instructions before first use of your TV. • Position the television so that direct light does not fall on the screen.
  • Page 5: Getting Started

    Getting started Remove your Television carefully from the box. You may wish to store the packaging for future use. In the box Inside your this package you should have: • Television • Remote control • User guide • AAA batteries x 2 Read these instructions before use.
  • Page 6: Control Unit

    Control Unit Front Panel Program Down/Up button Volume Down/Up button. General Program ON/OFF switch Stand by indicator External Connections: (Front or side) Right audio RCA (Red) Left audio RCA/Mono RCA (White) Video RCA (Yellow) S-Video connection Headphone socket Please note •...
  • Page 7: External Connections Table

    External connections table Picture tube 24” size/typee 16:9 AV1 Scart STD. AV2 Scart STD. AV3 Scart OPT. Headphone OPT. socket Audio/Video OPT. S-Video OPT. socket Back Audio OPT. : Standart : Optional Please note: The Audio/Video RCA, S-Video and Headphone socket can be placed on the front panel or on the right-hand side of the cabinet depending to the model of your TV.
  • Page 8: Using The Tv

    Using the TV Turning on for the first time and Tuning When you first turn your TV on, “ Language” menu willl appear. To search on the languages, use the Program up or Program down. Volume up or Volume down butttons and choose your desired language and O K/Z press “OK/Z”...
  • Page 9: Manual Tuning

    Press the to TV . Tuning the television There are two ways of tuning your television: Manual, where you control the tuning process Autoprogram where the television does it all automatically. Please Note If the TV is set to a channel with no signal the TV will return to standby after 5 minutes.
  • Page 10: Automatic Tuning

    Tuning with channel numbers Enter the SETUP menu by pressing the blue button. Press the OK/Z button to enter the CHANNEL row. OK/Z Use the OK/Z button to select “S” for cable channels and “C” for terrestrial broadcast. Use Volume up button to select the channel number buttons.
  • Page 11: Program Table

    Program Table Once you have tuned in all the channels you want, you can change their programme number, if required, and name them. To enter the PROGRAM TABLE menu press the Menu button and select PROGRAM TABLE and OK/Z press the OK/Z button or press directly the Y ellow button.
  • Page 12: Tv Setup

    TV set up The TV set up is accessed through a menu system. Once you have stored your set up, this is the set up the TV will default to when you switch it on. To enter the MAIN menu press the Menu button.
  • Page 13 Sound mode Y ou can select NORMAL, SPATIAL or DOLBY VIRTUAL (optional)using the Volume up/down buttons or mix button. SPATIAL sound is an ‘expanded stereo’. It gives the impression that the two speakers in the TV are further apart than they really are. DOLBY VIRTUAL is based on Dolby Pro Logic decoding for production of the Left, Right, Centre and Virtual Surround Sound...
  • Page 14: Picture Menu

    Equalizer EQUALIZER MUSIC SPORTS CINEMA SPEECH USER 0.1 0.5 1.5 5 10 BACK In this menu are a series of preset equalizer settings for different types of sound output. There are five music settings - MUSIC, SPORTS, CINEMA, SPEECH and USER mode.
  • Page 15: Features Menu

    Select BRIGHTNESS, CONTRAST, COLOUR and SHARPNESS using the Program up/down buttons. Change the settings with the Volume up/down buttons. To save your settings, select STORE and press the OK/Z button. STORED OK/Z will be displayed. Press the Menu button to go back to the previous menu.
  • Page 16: Picture Format

    Picture format This allows you to select the picture size on corresponding to the scren type widescreen of your TV: Avaible formats for widesereen TV sets are 16:9, 4:3, zoom, Letterbox, Subtitle and Panaroma. Avaible formats of 4:3 TV sets are 4:3 and 16:9.
  • Page 17: Pip Operation

    PIP OPERATION (OPTIONAL) 2 Tuner PIP function allows you to watch 2 programmes or other inputs like DVD, VCR or satellite receiver at the same time through its PIP window. It includes lots of functions like, SWAP, SIZE, POSITION, ZAPP and DOUBLE WINDOW.
  • Page 18: Using Teletext

    Using Teletext Teletext is an information system that displays text on your TV screen. Using the teletext control buttons you can view pages of information that are listed in the teletext index. Please Note No on screen display is available in text mode. The contrast, brightness and colour cannot be changed but the volume control is still available.
  • Page 19 Page hold If the page of text you have selected contains sub pages, these sub pages will automatically be displayed in order with a delay to allow you to read the page. To stop the move to the next sub page press the Stop button.
  • Page 20: Connecting External Equipment

    Connecting external equipment Headphones (optional) The headphones must have an impedance of between 8 and 32 ohms and have a 3.5 mm stereo jack plug. Plug the headphone jack into the headphone socket of the TV . Connecting a video recorder Via SCART Make sure the TV and video recorder are...
  • Page 21 Via aerial socket Make sure the TV and video recorder are both switched off. Unplug the aerial lead from the TV and plug it into the aerial socket on the video recorder (if fitted). Plug a coaxial plug into the RF out socket on the rear of the video recorder and plug the other end into the aerial socket of the TV .
  • Page 22: Connecting A Dvd

    Connecting a DVD player Via SCART Make sure the TV and DVD player are both switched off. Plug one end of the SCART lead (not supplied) into the back of the DVD player and the other end into one of the SCART sockets on the back of the TV .
  • Page 23: Connecting A Decoder

    Connecting a decoder Via SCART Make sure the TV and decoder are both switched off. Plug one end of the SCART lead (not supplied) into the back of the decoder and the other end into the SCART1 on the back of the TV . Switch on the decoder and the TV .
  • Page 24 Connecting TV with video and satellite/digital receiver Satellite/digital receiver Aerial out Video Scart socket Scart socket Aerial in Connecting TV with camcorder AV1/AV2/AV3 Camcorder Connecting TV games and computer Video Rear of TV Aerial out Scart socket Aerial in Aerial socket (3 scart models only) VIDEO...
  • Page 25: Help And Service Tips

    Help and service tips The TV does not work Make sure it is plugged into the mains supply and switched on. Poor picture • Is the aerial plugged in? • If you are using a set top aerial is it properly aligned for the best signal.
  • Page 26: Technical Specifications Table

    Technical specifications table Picture tube 24” 25” 26” size/type 16:9 SF 16:9 PF Screen size 61 cm 63 cm 68 cm Visible 56 cm 59 cm 65 cm screen size Sound Output 2x10 W 2x10 W 2x10 W (%10 THD) Power 85 W 85 W...

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