8-Teletext - Beko 15WLP530HID Operating Instructions Manual

Integrated digital hd ready colour televisions
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Being one of the most prominent services
of broadcasting today, Teletext renders
the TV more fruitful. Teletext means in
short the transmission of various updated
information along with the TV broadcast
signal in the form of text and graphics. To be
able to receive a quality teletext broadcast,
a good antenna system and a broadcast
signal that is not weak, with no reflections
and interference from other channels are
required. Even in a very clear reception, it
is normal for some characters or tabs to
be lost. Such conditions will automatically
be improved in a short time under normal
8.1-Entering the Teletext Mode
In a channel that does not have the
Teletext feature, NO TELETEXT will
be displayed when you press the
TXT button. In order to switch your
television to the teletext broadcast, please
press the TXT button in a program that
has a teletext broadcast. To switch back
to the television broadcast, press the same
button twice. Once you have switched to
the teletext broadcast, the initial page that
appears will be the index page. P100 In this
page, the titles of the topics in the teletext
broadcast and the initial page numbers will
8.2-Page Selection
To be able to view the page you
would like on the screen, type in
the number of that page using the
numerical keys. You can see the
number you have entered on the left
side of the upper title tab. When you
would like to turn the pages one by
one, you can go to the next page
pressing the up button and to the
previous page pressing the down
button. Press the INFO button to
return to the Index page.
8.3-Page enlarge button (DOUBLE)
Using this button, you can watch
the top half of the teletext page in an
enlarged format. To be able to view
the bottom half of the enlarged page, press
the same button for the second time. Once
you press the same button the third time, the
page will be restored to its normal size.
8.4-Page Stop (HOLD)
Some information is laid out by the
broadcasting agency in multiple
pages and it is broadcast in an
automatic cycle mode. For example, on a
text of four pages, the pages are indicated
with the figures 01, 02, 03 and 04 on the
bottom of the page. To view one of these
pages for a longer time, press the FAV
button. When you press the same button
again, the cycle continues.
8.5-Subpage selection (SUB)
If the page of text you are viewing
contains sub pages the page
numbers starting from 01 appear on
the screen. You can switch to the
sub pages with the SWAP button.
In which case, the sub page tab is
displayed on the bottom line within
"red -" and "green +" frames. You
can select the subpages by pressing
the "RED" and "GREEN" buttons.
You can exit the subpage by pressing the
SWAP button again.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents