6-Performing The Initial Power-On Settings; Tv Controls - Beko 15WLP530HID Operating Instructions Manual

Integrated digital hd ready colour televisions
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Performing the initial power-on settings

6.1-TV controls

6.1.1-Temporary on/off (STAND-BY)
When you press the red STAND-BY
button located on the upper left hand
side of your remote control while your
television is switched on, the sound
and the picture will go off. In the
stand-by mode, the power indicator
of your television will glow brighter. To
switch your television back on, either
press any numeric button or PR+/
PR- buttons.
Caution! If you are not going to use your
television for a long time, unplug its power
cable from the socket.
6.1.2-Channel Selection
You may select whichever program
number you would like by pressing
the PR+/PR- buttons located on your
television and your remote control. To
select the programs that are above 9,
you can use the Numerical buttons.
You may enter the number of the
program you would like to select
using the numerical buttons. For
example, to switch to the program
number 12, press the numeric buttons 1 and
2 on your remote control. You can perform
the program selection also from the Program
6.1.3-Digital TV, Analog TV and AV
Mode Selection
Press the AV button on your remote
control. SOURCE menu will be
displayed. Select DIGITAL TV,
ANALOG TV or desired AV mode
from the Source menu with Up/
Down movement buttons and
confirm with OK button so that your
television will switch to the source you have
6.1.4-Performing the Volume setting
You can adjust the volume of your
television by using the VOL+/VOL-
buttons on your remote control.
6.1.5-Temporary sound mute (MUTE)
To temporarily mute the sound of
your television, press the MUTE
button on your remote control. The
MUTE symbol will appear on the
screen. When you press the same
button a second time, the sound will be
restored. If you press the VOL+ button
while in the Mute mode, the sound level is
increased and the Mute function is aborted.
6.1.6-Returning to Selected Program
Allows you to switch between the
current program you watch and the
last selected program. For example, if
you change the channel to Program 11 while
you were watching Program 1, press SWAP
button to switch back to Program 1. Press
SWAP button to switch back to Program 11
6.1.7-Main Menu
Press the MENU button. The Menu including
all the setting menus will appear on the
screen. Navigate through the Menu titles with
the Up/Down movement buttons and press
the OK button to select the desired menu.
If you want to exit the menu in any step,
just press the EXIT button. Press BACK
or MENU buttons to return to the previous
Menu while you are in a sub menu.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents