Access Control; Language Settings - Beko 15WLP530HID Operating Instructions Manual

Integrated digital hd ready colour televisions
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pres OK button. A clock symbol will appear
at the left hand side of the channel for
which you have set a reminder. Reminder
menu will appear if you want to set another
reminder for the same time interval. Press
Menu button to activate the first reminder
and press OK button to activate the second
reminder. Two reminders can not be active
for the same time interval. Reminder will be
cancelled when you highlight the program
for which a reminder has been set and press
OK button.
Important Note: Not all broadcasting
enterprises supply a detailed TV guide. Most
of the broadcasting enterprises provide daily
program information, but they do not give
detailed explanations. Some broadcasting
enterprises, on the other hand, do not give
any program information at all.
6.3.6-Digital Features
To enter digital features menu, select
FEATURES tab from the main menu
by using Up/Down movement
buttons. Select DIGITAL FEATURES
tab from FEATURES menu by
using Up/Down movement buttons
and press OK button to confirm. DIGITAL
FEATURES menu will be displayed.
Digital Features
Language Settings
Access Control
User Interface Options
Favourite List
No Common Interface Module Present
System Menu
You can select the menu headings with Up/
Down movement buttons to make settings. Settings

You can select subtitle and sound language
provided that the broadcast is supported for
all digital broadcasting channels. Unless you
make any selection, the language supported
by the broadcaster will be selected
To perform language selection, select
Subtitling Language 1, Subtitling
Language 2, Audio Language 1,
Audio Language 2 tab from the
Language Settings menu by using
Up/Down movement buttons and
make your language selection with Left/
Right movement buttons. You can also
select subtitles directly by SUBT button
on your remote control or make sound
selection by AUDIO button. Control

With this feature you can restrict channels
that are not appropriate for children and
set age restriction for programs being
Lock/Unlock Channels: Select Lock/
Unlock Channels tabs from Access
Control menu and press OK button to
confirm. All TV Channels list will be displayed;
select the channel you want to restrict with
Up/Down movement buttons and press OK
button to confirm. x mark will be displayed at
the beginning of the channel name indicating
that the channel is restricted. To remove
the restriction, repeat the same steps. To
view the restricted channel enter the correct
password into the displayed password
screen. The channel will not be displayed
unless the correct password is entered.
Access Control
Lock/Unlock Channels
Change PIN
Note 1: To re-prevent access after entering
the correct password and displaying the
restricted channel, your television has to be
switched to Standby mode and turned on
Note 2: The password for both of these
features has been set as 0000 at the factory.
You can change the password as you wish
under Change PIN item in the Access
Control menu.
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Table of Contents

Table of Contents