4-Start; Aerial Connection; Powering On Your Tv And The Initial Use; Performing Initial Start And Settings - Beko 15WLP530HID Operating Instructions Manual

Integrated digital hd ready colour televisions
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Remove your television carefully from its
box. You can keep the packaging of your
television to use in future.
Items Supplied With Your Television
Power cable
Remote control

2 batteries

Instruction Book
Note: Scart, HDMI, VGA and PHONO
cables are not supplied with the TV.

4.1-Aerial connection

4.2-Powering on your TV and
the initial use
Insert the power cable into the power
supply input located on the back panel of the
Insert the power cable plug supplied with
the TV into the mains socket.
Note: Your TV is equipped to operate with
TV buttons in case your R/C is broken or the
batteries are exhausted.
Press the standby on/off button
located on the LCD TV or,
Press PR+ or PR- keys on the
remote control. For this process, you
can also use the buttons on your TV.
The picture will appear on the screen
after a short while.
Note: If you are not going to use the
television for a long time, unplug its power
cable from the mains socket.
4.3-Performing initial start and
To set up your television, read the sections
on the TV controls and making the channel
Open the lid of the battery compartment
and make sure that you have placed the
batteries in the correct direction. For this
remote control, UM-4, IEC R03 or AAA 1.5 V
batteries are suitable.
Do not throw your old batteries into the fire,
discard them in a dedicated waste area for
this purpose.
Do not mix used batteries with new ones or
different types of batteries together.
The performance of the remote control will
be reduced at a distance of 8 meters from or
at an angle of 30 degrees beyond the centre
of the TV.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents