Beko 15WLP530HID Operating Instructions Manual

Beko 15WLP530HID Operating Instructions Manual

Integrated digital hd ready colour televisions


Operating Instructions


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  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    1-Important Information ............ 1 1.1 Cleaning the screen and cabinet............1 1.2 Disposing of your TV at the end of service life........1 1.3-Superior features of your integrated digital television ......1 1.4-Receiving digital broadcasting channels ..........1 1.5-Changing the plug ................
  • Page 3: 1-Important Information

    1.1 Cleaning the screen and cabinet... After powering off, wipe the screen and the cabinet clean with a soft and dry cloth. We recommend that you do not use patented polishes or solvents to clean the screen or cabinet since they may cause damage.
  • Page 4: Changing The Plug

    Cover a table with a soft towel (or other protection to prevent damage to the TV or table) insert the tabs of the support piece that is mounted on the TV so that they snap into the base of the stand...
  • Page 5: 2-Features Of Your New Television

    HDMI, the HDMI logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC. • Cover a table with a soft towel (or other protection to prevent damage to the TV or table) • Carefully lay the T.V. front down on the table •...
  • Page 6: 3-Important Safety Instructions

    “dangerous voltage” contained inside the housing of the product that may create a risk of electrical shock. This symbol is used to remind the user important usage and service instructions supplied with the TV.
  • Page 7 • The socket into which you plug in the to the power cable of the TV or its plug, AC power cable must be within easy water spills or substances falling into reach.
  • Page 8 Unplug the AC power cable from the socket when cleaning the TV. Note 3: Tighten the screws that are used to Otherwise, there is the risk of electric connect wall brackets by 1 Nm (10kgfcm) shock.
  • Page 9: 4-Start

    Do not mix used batteries with new ones or different types of batteries together. The performance of the remote control will be reduced at a distance of 8 meters from or at an angle of 30 degrees beyond the centre 4.2-Powering on your TV and of the TV.
  • Page 10: 5-Your New Television

    9- Audio input L 10- PC/Comp audio input Important Note: Note: Above drawing for external connections is representational. Their order and places on your TV may be different. Please see Technical Specifications Table on page 27 for the available external connections...
  • Page 11: Remote Control

    TV/Teletext selection button Teletext page enlarge button (Double) (A) Picture Mode selection button Note: In the analog mode when no menu is Page update button in Txt mode (Update) (A) open on the screen, Up/Down movement Last viewed program selection button...
  • Page 12: 6-Performing The Initial Power-On Settings

    Up/Down movement buttons and press the OK button to select the desired menu. Press the AV button on your remote If you want to exit the menu in any step, control. SOURCE menu will be just press the EXIT button. Press BACK displayed.
  • Page 13: Turning On The Tv And Setting The Channels

    SUOMI ESPANA already detected and stored in the memory SVERIGE FRANCE HUNGARY TÜRKİYE at the end of the search process will be U.K. IRELAND ......ITALIA displayed in this menu. Finish the Digital NETHERLANDS channel searching process by pressing the OK button.
  • Page 14: First Time Installation

    Down movement buttons and select either not be stored after scanning in the Digital one of Add channels, Replace channels TV channels. If this is the case then you will or Erase channel list items, then press need to rescan the channels again but this OK button to start searching.
  • Page 15 Select the PROGRAM TABLE item using Up/Down movement buttons and from the main menu by means of Up/ press OK button to confirm; name of the Down movement buttons to access channel you have selected will be displayed program table and press OK button on the favorite channels list.
  • Page 16: Access Control

    OK button. A clock symbol will appear To perform language selection, select at the left hand side of the channel for Subtitling Language 1, Subtitling which you have set a reminder. Reminder Language 2, Audio Language 1, menu will appear if you want to set another Audio Language 2 tab from the reminder for the same time interval.
  • Page 17: Performing Analog Tunings

    Channels is set to ON, all channels will displayed. be displayed, if it is set to OFF, scrambled channels will not be displayed and if it is set SETUP to AUTO and a CI card is installed to your television, then the scrambled channels...
  • Page 18: Fine Tuning

    CHANNEL FINE TUNE movement button. If the channel that is SEARCH PROGRAM NO found is of your liking, select the STORE tab. STORE AUTOPROGRAM Then store it in the memory by pressing the Right or Left movement buttons. Repeat the same procedure for other channels by...
  • Page 19: Program Table

    OK button. a stored channel Program Table menu will be displayed. In the event that you do not wish to see certain programs while navigating PROGRAM TABLE through the channels using the...
  • Page 20: 7-Settings Of Your New Television

    MENU button on your remote control. by pressing the Up/Down movement buttons Select PICTURE by pressing the Up/Down from the main menu and press the OK button. movement buttons from the main menu and The Sound menu is displayed.
  • Page 21: Picture Format with Digital Comb Filter feature to increase the picture quality. This option can not be Use this setting to changed by the end user if it is set to ON. watch the broadcasts 7.2.7-Tint in the 4:3 format. When NTSC video is input via Scart, you may make Hue settings.
  • Page 22: Features Menu Settings

    Up/Down movement buttons and press 7.3.5-Auto Scart the OK button. The Features menu will be displayed. When this feature is set to On and when you operate an external TV that is connected FEATURES to your LCD television via scart, TV will...
  • Page 23: 8-Teletext

    To be able to view information along with the TV broadcast the bottom half of the enlarged page, press signal in the form of text and graphics. To be the same button for the second time. Once able to receive a quality teletext broadcast,...
  • Page 24: 9-External Equipment Connections

    Press the EPG button to disclose the hidden answer. External Equipment Connections: Your TV is equipped with 5 inputs including antenna input, which allows for the external TV connection. These inputs are: 1-Aerial input 2-SCART input...
  • Page 25 Side view of TV GAME CONSOLE HDMI: When a connection is made via HDMI socket, select the HDMI input you connected through from the Source menu and press the button to be able to display these pictures. Your TV will switch to the selected source.
  • Page 26: Pc Connection

    Connect to the HDMI input at the back of your TV by using the connector located on your PC or your digital video-transmission TV with a suitable cable (not supplied with the TV). Note: To be able to watch an image in the HDMI mode, your computer must be equipped with a HDMI graphic card.
  • Page 27 9.6.1-Inserting the CI Module and Smart card You can not use the smart card in your television independently. You will need a CAM module to use the smart card. Insert your smart card into the CAM module and then insert the CAM CA Module Module into the CI slot on your television.
  • Page 28: 10-Help And Tips

    If your television does not work properly even though you tried the above mentioned solutions, try turning it on and off again. If you cannot start your television even though you have applied all noted methods, refer to the dealer or authorised service from where you...
  • Page 29: 11-Technical Specifications Chart

    VHF (Band I Channel 2-4) VHF (Band III Channel 5-12) UHF (Channel 21-69) Cable TV (S1-S20/S21-S41) Broadcasting systems received: PAL BG PAL SECAM BG PAL SECAM BG DK PAL SECAM BG LL’ PAL I Design and specifications may be changed without prior notification.
  • Page 30: 12-Main Uk Transmitter Stations

    MAIN UK TRANSMITTER STATIONS UHF CHANNELS STATIONS CT D BBCI BBC2 Regional Main stations BBCI BBC2 North West Caldbeck Bluebell Hill Crystal Palace Winter Hill Dover Douglas (IOM) North Oxford East Belmont Emley Moor Sandy Heath North East Sudbury Tacolneston...
  • Page 31: 13-Guarantee And Service

    Important notes. • The product is guaranteed for domestic household use only. • The guarantee will be void if the product is installed or used in commercial or non- household premises. • The product must be correctly installed and operated in accordance with the instructions contained within the Operating Instructions Booklet provided with the product.
  • Page 32 If it is necessary for an engineer to visit your home he will normally be there within 48hrs of receipt of your call (excluding Bank Holidays) or at your earliest convenience.
  • Page 33 V8L.801-01...

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