9-External Equipment Connections - Beko 15WLP530HID Operating Instructions Manual

Integrated digital hd ready colour televisions
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8.6-Temporary TV Picture (UPDATE)
This button allows you to switch to
the television picture while the page
you want is being searched in the
teletext broadcast eliminating the
need to wait during the search. You may
switch to the television picture by pressing
the (
) button while Teletext is searching for
your desired page. Once the page you want
is found, the number of that page appears
on the screen.
8.7-Question - Answer Button
Sometimes, a teletext page contains
a hidden answer such as a game or
a riddle. Press the EPG button to
disclose the hidden answer.
External Equipment Connections:
Your TV is equipped with 5 inputs including antenna input, which allows for the external TV
connection. These inputs are:
1-Aerial input
2-SCART input
3-AV input
4-VGA / YPBPR input
5-HDMI input
You can connect your external TV supporting the suitable inputs to your TV via these inputs.
By pressing the AV button on your remote control, select the external source input to which
you connected your TV.
9.1-Connecting an external equipment via Scart connection
Rear view of TV
To watch the picture of the broadcast TV connected
to SCART, select Scart from the Source menu and press
button. (You can watch via this Scart if the connected TV has a
RGB output).
To watch the picture of the broadcast TV connected using the SVHS input over
the SCART input by scart converter, select SCART-SVHS option from the Source menu and
press OK button. Your TV will switch to the selected source.
The coloured buttons on the remote control
are for the fastext feature. When you select
any page, the titles on various subjects may
appear on the screen in four different colours
or inside coloured frames (red, green, yellow
and blue). By pressing the button pertaining
to the relevant colour on the remote control,
you can access the subject of your choice
without waiting.
Note: The fastext feature is not available for
all teletext broadcasts. It is determined by
the broadcasting agency whether it is to be
broadcast or not.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents