Picture Format - Beko 15WLP530HID Operating Instructions Manual

Integrated digital hd ready colour televisions
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7.2.4-Dynamic Colour
With this feature, you can make the colours
in the picture appear more saturated. Select
CCE tab from the picture menu by pressing
the Up/Down buttons and then select
ON by pressing the Right/Left buttons to
activate this feature.
With this feature, you can adjust the intensity
of light reflected to the LCD Panel. To do
this, select BACKLIGHT tab from PICTURE
menu by using Up/Down movement buttons
and press right/left movement buttons to
select the level as you desire.
7.2.6-Picture Smart
You can select either one of the three non-
adjustable settings in the memory or the
options you have adjusted by pressing the (
) button on your remote control. SOFT,
NATURAL, RICH are default values; USER
represents the values you stored in the
IMPORTANT NOTE: Your TV is equipped
with Digital Comb Filter feature to increase
the picture quality. This option can not be
changed by the end user if it is set to ON.
When NTSC video is input via Scart, you
may make Hue settings. The tint option is not
seen in the menu when you have not input
this type of a video. When a NTSC video is
connected via the Scart, this option becomes
active and it is available in the menu.

7.2.8-Picture Format

With this option, you can view the broadcast
you watch in a format of your choice. You
can view the broadcasts in AUTO, 16:9,
formats. Picture format can be selected as
16:9, 14:9 or 4:3 formats in HDMI, YPBPR
and PC modes. In that case, the name of the
selected picture format will be displayed in
the centre of the screen.
Note: In HDMI, YPBPR and PC Modes, 4:3
and 16:9 picture formats are supported.
Some movie
channels may
broadcast in the
16:9 format. If you
would like to see this
format automatically,
then select AUTO. In that case, AUTO 16:9
appears on your screen.
Please use this
setting for watching
wide screen DVDs,
wide screen
video cassette or
16:9 formatted
broadcasts. Since various screen formats
such as 16:9, 14:9 and etc. are used, black
stripes might be formed on the lower and
upper parts of the screen.
This is a movie
Use this setting to
watch the broadcasts
in the 4:3 format.
While watching
a "16:9 or
formatted" film or
video cassette,
this setting will
eliminate or minimize the black stripes on
the background by zooming in the picture
without diffusing it.
If the subtitles are
transmitted in the
"16:9 formatted"
broadcast, then this
setting will push the
picture upwards in
order to ensure the entire written text to be

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents