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Output Gain - Yamaha PLG150-AN Owner's Manual

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• Src1 (FM Depth Ctrl)
Settings: Fixed, PEG, FEG, LFO1, LFO2
This determines the modulation source which controls the
"Fixed," there is no change in modulation over time.
• Src2 (Modulator)
Settings: VCO2 Frequency, VCO1, VCO1 Sub Osc. (sub oscillator), PEG,
FEG, LFO1, LFO2, VCO2 Output
This determines the source wave which modulates the VCO1 wave.
• For the most part, the above settings should be self-explanatory. If necessary, refer to the rel-
evant sections (for example, VCO1, PEG, FEG, LFO1/2). The other settings are explained
VCO2 Frequency :
VCO1 Sub Osc. :
VCO2 Output :

Output Gain

Settings: +0 dB, +6 dB, +12 dB
This determines the overall level gain of the output signal of the selected voice. Use this
parameter together with the hardware VOLUME control on the tone generator to set the
desired voice level.
• Be careful when using the higher settings, since you may inadvertently damage the con-
nected audio equipment (and your ears!) if the voice is too loud.
Parameters /
This modulation uses a sine wave which is set to the same frequency as
that of the VCO 2's pitch.
This modulation uses a wave of either half or double the frequency of the
VCO 1 (depending on the selected VCO 1 waveform).
This uses the actual VCO 2 output waveform for modulation, resulting in
an FM synthesis-like sound.
Setup Detail Parameter Window
Depth. When this is set to


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