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Nikon D2Xs Manual: Fine-tuning White Balance

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Fine-Tuning White Balance

At settings other than
bal ance can be "fi ne tuned" to compensate for vari a tions in the color of
the light source or to in tro duce a deliberate "warm" or "cold" cast into
an image. Higher settings can be used to lend im ag es a blu ish tinge or to
com pen sate for light sources with a yellow or red cast, while low er ing white
bal ance can make pho to graphs ap pear slight ly more yellow or red or com-
pen sate for light sources with a blue cast. Adjustments can be made in the
range +3 to –3 in in cre ments of one. Except in Fluorescent mode, each
in cre ment is equiv a lent to about 10 mired.
White balance is fi ne tuned using the White balance option in the shooting
menu or by pressing the WB button and rotating the sub-command dial.
The White Balance Menu
In the white balance menu (
an option other than Choose color temp. or
White balance preset and press the multi
selector to the right.
Press the multi selector up or down to choose
the desired value and press the multi selector
to the right. The shooting menu will be dis-
Color Temperature
The perceived color of a light source varies with the viewer and other conditions. Color
temperature is an objective measure of the color of a light source, defi ned with ref-
er ence to the temperature to which an object would have to be heated to radiate light
in the same wavelengths. While light sources with a color temperature in the neigh-
bor hood of 5,000–5,500 K appear white, light sources with a lower color tem per a ture,
such as incandescent light bulbs, appear slightly yellow or red. Light sourc es with a
higher color temperature appear tinged with blue.
(Choose color temp.) and PRE (preset), white
55), highlight



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