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Opening Lists With The Message Key; Using A Handset As A Room Monitor; Activating The Room Monitor And Entering The Number To Be Called - Siemens Gigaset E45 User Manual

Siemens gigaset e45: user guide
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Opening lists with the message
An advisory tone sounds as soon as a new
entry appears on a list. The f key
flashes (it goes off when the key is
pressed). In idle status, the displays shows
an icon for the new message.
If you press the f key, you access the
lists which contain new messages.
Using a handset as a room
If the room monitor is activated, a previ-
ously stored destination number is called
as soon as a set noise level is reached. You
can store an internal or external number
in your handset as the destination
The room monitor call to an external
number stops after approx. 90 seconds.
The room monitor call to an internal
number (handset) stops after approx. 3
minutes (depending on the base station).
While the room monitor is activated, all
keys are locked except the end call key.
The handset's speaker is muted.
When the room monitor is activated,
incoming calls to the handset are indi-
cated without a ringtone and are only
shown on the screen. The display and key-
pad are not illuminated and advisory
tones are also turned off.
If you accept an incoming call, the room
monitor mode is suspended for the dura-
tion of the call, but the function remains
If you switch off the handset, the room
monitor mode is deactivated. You must
reactivate the function after switching on
the handset again.

Using a handset as a room monitor

– You should always check the operation
of the room monitor before use. For
example, test its sensitivity. Check the
connection if you are diverting the room
monitor to an outside number.
– When the function is switched on, the
handset's operating time is severely
reduced. If necessary, place the handset in
the charging cradle. This ensures that the
battery pack does not run down.
– Ideally the handset should be positioned 1
to 2 metres away from the baby. The micro-
phone must be directed towards the baby.
– The connection to which the room monitor
is diverted must not be blocked by an acti-
vated answering machine.
Activating the room monitor and
entering the number to be called
Room Monitor
Change multiple line input:
Room M.:
to activate.
Call to:
Press the display key
tination number.
External number: select number from
the directory or enter directly. Only the
last 4 digits are displayed.
Internal number: delete any stored
external number.
set or
, if all registered handsets
Call All
are to be called)
Store number with
Set noise level sensitivity
Save changes (page 21).
The function is now activated. With v,
you can move directly to settings.
and enter des-
s (select hand-
§Save Entry§ §OK§
or High).



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