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Appendix; Care; Contact With Liquid; Questions And Answers - Siemens Gigaset E45 User Manual

Siemens gigaset e45: user guide
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Wipe the charging cradle and the hand-
set with a damp cloth (do not use sol-
vent) or an antistatic cloth.
Never use a dry cloth. This can cause

Contact with liquid

Your handset is splash proof.
If it comes into contact with water, knock
the water out of the microphone opening
and remove any water on the handset
with an absorbent cloth. Your handset is
ready for use.
If your handset comes into contact with a
larger amount of liquid take the following
1. Do not switch the handset on under
any circumstances!
2. Remove the battery pack immediately.
3. Remove the headset socket cover.
4. Hold the handset horizontally with the
open battery compartment facing
5. Hold the handset vertically. Tilt the
handset backwards and forwards
slightly, giving it a gentle shake each
6. Dab all parts dry and then leave the
handset for at least 72 hours with the
battery compartment open and the
keypad facing down in a dry, warm
place (not: microwave, oven or similar).
When it has fully dried out, you will nor-
mally be able to use it again.

Questions and answers

If you have any queries about the use of
your telephone, you can contact us at any
time at
tomercare . The table below contains a list
of common problems and possible solu-
The display is blank.
1. The handset is not switched on.
Press and hold the end call key
2. The battery pack is flat.
Charge/replace the battery pack
(page 4).
The handset does not respond to a key press.
The keypad lock is activated.
Press and hold the hash key
(page 8).
"Base station x" is flashing in the display.
1. The handset is outside the range of the base
Reduce the distance between handset/
base station.
2. The handset has been de-registered.
Register the handset (page 5).
Base Search is flashing in the display.
Handset is set for
Best Base
is within range.
Reduce the distance between handset/base
Handset does not ring.
The ringtone is switched off.
Activate the ringtone (page 16).
The other party cannot hear you.
You have pressed the
set is "muted".
Switch on the microphone again (page 8).
You hear an error tone when keying an input
(a descending sequence of tones).
Action has failed/invalid input.
Repeat the operation.
Watch the display and refer to the operating
instructions if necessary.
and no base station
(INT) key. The hand-



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