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Muting; Making Internal Calls; Operating The Handset; Switching The Handset On/Off - Siemens Gigaset E45 User Manual

Siemens gigaset e45: user guide
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Operating the handset

Activating/deactivating handsfree
Activating while dialling
~ d Enter the number and press
the handsfree key.
You should inform your caller before
you use the handsfree function so that
they know someone else is listening.
Switching between earpiece and
handsfree mode
Press the handsfree key.
During a call and when listening to the
answering machine (depending on the
base station), switch handsfree on or off.
If you wish to place the handset in the
charging cradle during a call:
Press and hold the handsfree key d
while placing the handset in the base
station. If handsfree key d does not
light up, press the key again.
For how to adjust the volume, see
page 15.


You can deactivate the microphone in
your handset during an external call. The
other party hears a wait melody.
Press the control key on the
left to mute the handset.
Press the display key to reacti-
vate the microphone.

Making internal calls

Internal calls to other handsets registered
on the same base station are free.
Calling a specific handset
Initiate internal call.
Enter the number of the hand-
Initiate internal call.
Select handset.
Press the talk key.
Calling all handsets ("group call")
Initiate internal call.
Press the star key. All handsets
are called.
Ending a call
Press the end call key.
Operating the handset

Switching the handset on/off

Press and hold the end call
key. You will hear the confir-
mation beep.
Activating/deactivating the
keypad lock
Press and hold the hash key.
You will hear the confirmation beep. The
icon Ø appears in the display when the
keypad lock is activated.
The keypad lock is deactivated automati-
cally if someone calls you. It is re-activated
when the call is finished.

Control key

In the following information the side of
the control key (top, bottom, right, left)
you have to press in each operating situa-
tion is shown in black (e.g. v for "press
the right of the control key").
The control key has a number of different



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