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Siemens Gigaset E45 User Manual page 8

Siemens gigaset e45: user guide
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Closing the battery cover
Hold the battery cover at a slight angle
and introduce the two lower lugs into
the casing first. Then close the cover so
that it clicks into place.
Locking the battery cover
Insert the catches on the lock ring or belt
clip into the notches in the casing and
make sure that the arrow markings on the
casing are aligned with those on the bot-
tom of the ring. Turn the lock ring or belt
clip clockwise to the end stop. When both
holes are horizontally aligned with the
upper edge of the handset the lock ring is
Opening the battery cover
Position both thumbs on the lock ring and
at the same time turn the lock ring or belt
clip anticlockwise and remove.
Insert a coin into the cavity at the top of
the battery cover and twist it until the
cover opens.
Registering your phone
Before you can use your Gigaset E45 you
must register it to a base station. It can be
registered to a maximum of four base sta-
tions. The actual registration procedure
will depend on the type of base station.
Automatic registration Gigaset E45 to
Gigaset E450
Important: The handset must not already
be registered to any base station.
Registering the handset to the Gigaset
E450 base station occurs automatically.
(On the E455 base station you register
your handset manually, see page 6.)
Place the handset in the base with its
display facing forward.
Registration takes around 1 minute. Dur-
ing this process,
in the display and the name of the base
station flashes e.g.
handset has registered, its screen displays
its internal number, e.g.
number 2. The handset is assigned the
lowest available internal number (1-6). If
all internal numbers 1-6 have been
assigned, number 6 is overwritten, pro-
vided the handset with the internal
number 6 is in idle status.
Safety precautions
1. When the
for internal



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