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Sharp 32JF-77H Operation Manual Page 44

Sharp 32jf-77h: operation manual.
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Table of Contents
Basic TEXT features
Page Selection
a) Fast Page Selection
Select the appropriate programme channel.
Press the TEXT/MIX/PICTURE button a/b/Q once to enter the teletext mode.
To recall a page number displayed in the coloured brackets, simply press the corresponding coloured button.
b) 0-9 digit buttons
Enter a desired page number with the 0-9 digit buttons. (To select P.100: press 1, 0, 0).
c) Page selector (UP/DOWN)
You can sequentially select page numbers:
In PIT mode: By pressing the buttons
In NORMAL size: By pressing the buttons E/ F
Other Teletext features
TEXT/MIX/PICTURE button a/b/Q.
In TV mode: Press the TEXT/MIX/PICTURE button a/b/Q to enter the teletext mode.
In teletext (PIT) mode: Press the MENU button
In teletext (NORMAL size) mode: Press the TEXT/MIX/PICTURE button a/b/Q to superimpose a teletext
broadcast onto the current TV programme screen (mixed mode).
In mixed mode: Press the button again to return to the normal Teletext screen.
Text Mix mode is only available in NORMAL size.
If TV set is in PIT mode, (Picture In Teletext) the Text Mix mode is not available.
HALF PAGE button
Each time you press the button, the upper/lower half of the teletext page is magnified and displayed on the screen.
HOLD button
Any teletext page or subpage can be held on the screen by pressing the HOLD button
Press the button again to cancel the hold mode.
REVEAL button
Press this button to reveal hidden information such as the answer to a quiz.
Press the button again to hide the information.
CLOCK button
In TV mode: BY pressing this button the real time information will appear on the top right area of the screen.
In Teletext mode: When a selected Teletext page has hidden subpages or timed pages, these pages can be seen by
the following manner:
1. Press the CLOCK button
2. Using the RED button
to the following page. These two buttons are shown on the screen by the signs (—) and (+).
If TV set is in NORMAL size, you can use this button together with the CANCEL button
you can view the main TV picture until the subpage has been found. The on screen TV icon a in the top left
side of the screen will change when the subpage has been found.
Press the TEXT/MIX/PICTURE button a/b/Q to view the subpage.
CANCEL button
With this button Teletext information is cancelled and TV picture is restored. a Indication is shown on screen.
In this position, the TV programme cannot be changed, being in Teletext/Cancelled mode. When a change takes place
in the Teletext information, the upper time of the cancelled page or some other indication of special pages is shown on
screen. To uncancel, press TEXT/MIX/PICTURE button a/b/Q and the whole teletext is shown.
This button can be used together with the clock button while awaiting subpages.
CANCEL button is only available in NORMAL size.
to eliminate the PIT (Picture In Teletext).
. Screen will show
you can select the previous page, while with the GREEN button
XXX / 0001
you can move on
. This means that


Table of Contents

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