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Compact Disc Care - Sanyo ECD-T1820 Operating Instructions Manual

Am/fm stereo radio with full detachable panel and auto-reverse cassette player iso mounting with removable trim ring


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Dirt, dust, scratches and warpage can cause a deterioration in the sound or intermittent skipping some tracks
during play.
Label Side
• This unit has been designed to play compact discs
bearing the identification logo shown on the left.
Discs bearing other types of identification logos
may not play properly.
• Playback may not be possible due to the
characteristics of the CD recorder or the CD-R/RW
used, or due to scratches or dirt on the CD.
• For some CD-R/RWs, depending on the quality
of their recording or storage media used, playback
may not be possible due to deterioration of
recorded of material.
• Do not use non-conventional discs such as
heart-shaped, octagonal discs, etc.
The player could be damaged.
• Fingerprints and dust should be carefully wiped
from the signal surface of the disc (glossy side) with
a soft cloth.
Wipe in a straight motion from the inside to the
outside of the disc. Unlike conventional records,
the compact disc has no grooves to collect dust and
debris. Small dust particles will have no effect on
reproduction quality.
• Do not insert a disc which is cracked into the unit.
• Do not apply paper or write anything on the disc.
• To prevent warping the disc, do not expose it to
direct sunlight, high humidity or high temperatures
for extended periods.



Table of Contents

Table of Contents