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Sanyo ECD-T1820 Operating Instructions Manual page 5

Am/fm stereo radio with full detachable panel and auto-reverse cassette player iso mounting with removable trim ring
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Benzene Thinner Cleaning spray
• Mixed-mode CDs
This product can only play audio tracks on mixed-mode CDs.
The initial track contains non-audio data, and so it does not produce any sound.
Playback will start from the next track.
(Mixed-mode CDs are CDs which contain both non-audio data and audio tracks.)
• CDs containing copy control protection technology.
It is possible that some CDs with copy control protection (added to prevent computer
duplication) may not play on this unit.
This is due to the CD with copy control protection not conforming to CD standards and is
not due to a malfunction of this unit.
If there are any problems playing a CD with copy control protection, consult the store where
the CD was purchased.
• Never use chemicals such as record cleaning
sprays, antistatic sprays or fluids, benzene or
thinner to clean compact discs. These chemicals
will permanently damage the plastic surface of
the disc.
• When not using the disc player for extended
periods, remove the compact disc and return it to
the plastic storage case. This will protect the disc
from dust and exposure to the sun.



Table of Contents

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