Compact Disc Care - Sanyo ECD-T1560 Function Manual

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Dirt, dust, scratches and warpage can cause deterioration in the sound or intermittent skipping
some tracks during play.
Recommended CD-R/RW Media
Data may not be properly written to CD-R/RW media depending on the quality of the media.
If this happens, the data may not be reproduced correctly. We recommend the following
manufacturers to insure proper quality of the media.
CD-R Media
TDK USA Corp., Taiyo Yuden (U.S.A.), Inc., Ricoh Corporation, Eastman Kodak Company,
Maxell Corporation of America, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Fuji Photo Film U.S.A.,
Inc., Mitsui Chemicals, Inc., Sony Corporation of America, Philips Electronics North
America Corporation, Imation Corp.
CD-RW Media
TDK USA Corp., Ricoh Corporation, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation.
Additionally, CD-R media compatible with various speeds such as 2X and 1X-4X are
available. Please refer to the instruction manuals of the drive and the recording software
you are using to selection of the correct media.
• This unit has been designed to play compact
discs bearing the identification logo shown on
the left. No other discs can be played.
• Do not use non-conventional discs such as
heart- shaped, octagonal discs, etc.
The player could be damaged.
• Fingerprints and dust should be carefully
wiped off the signal surface of the disc
(glossy side) with a soft cloth.
Wipe in a straight motion from the inside to
the outside of the disc. Unlike conventional
records, the compact disc has no grooves to
collect dust and debris. Small dust particles
will have no effect on reproduction quality.
• Do not insert a disc which is cracked into the
• Do not apply paper or write anything on the
surface of the disc.
• To prevent warping the disc, do not expose
it to direct sunlight, high humidity or high
temperatures for extended periods of time.
• Never use chemicals such as record cleaning
sprays, antistatic sprays or fluids, benzene
or thinner to clean compact discs.
These chemicals will permanently damage
the plastic surface of the disc.
• When not using the disc player for extended
periods of time, remove the compact disc and
return it to the plastic storage case. This will
protect the disc from dust and exposure to
the sun.


Table of Contents

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Table of Contents