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Multibutton telephone
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the Display and Soft Keys
Alphanumeric Display
While your phone is idle , the display shows:
– The date and time, your name (see page 13), and your extension number.
– The idle menu soft key functions.
Push to set up features on your phone (such as Call Forwarding).
Push to call a co-worker on the Intercom by selecting their name.
Push to call your voice mailbox ( xx is the number of new messages).
Push to review your Caller ID log ( xx is the number of new calls).
While your phone is ringing , the display shows:
– (If an Intercom call) Your caller's name.
– (If an outside call with Caller ID) The name and number of the incoming caller.
While you are on a call , the display shows:
– Your caller's name and number (if Caller ID is provided).
– The functions of the soft keys that help you handle your call.
To adjust your display , push
(minimum idle brightness), 23
(auto backlight). (
Soft Keys
– Use soft keys instead of dialing feature codes when handling your calls.
Your Feature Keys
Press a line key to place or answer an outside call.
– Line keys flash while ringing and are on steady when busy.
– Your line key calls are green while co-workers' calls are red.
– Your line keys are normally located on the first two rows of Feature Keys.(
To make a Hotline key for a co-worker's extension:
– Push Menu+ Dial 51 (for Feature Keys) + Press Feature Key + Select+
<<or >>to scroll to Hotline + Select+ Dial co-worker's extension
number + Save, then Back+ Exitto exit. (See the Telephone Feature Handbook for more key types you can set up.)
Press a Hotline Key to call or Transfer your call to a co-worker:
– If you're not on a call, pressing the Hotline Key places an Intercom call to your co-worker.
– While on the call, press the Hotline Key to Transfer. (The key lights red while your co-worker is busy, flashes red if in DND.)
To check your Feature Key assignments:
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2:42 PM
Page 4
and dial one of the following: 21 (contrast),
(maximum active brightness), or 24
Not on 22-button.) See page 14 for more on the menus.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents