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Multibutton telephone
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Dialing By Name (Directory Dialing)
To dial a co-worker or outside call by selecting from a group of names:
Push Dir.
Select a Directory Dialing type:
– To call a co-worker, push Ext.
– To call a Personal Speed Dial number, push Pers.
– To call a Company-Wide Speed Dial number, push Cmpy.
To scroll, push Prevor Nextto scroll through selected lists.
To search, start dialing letters for the name. The search will narrow as you enter additional letters.
Push Dialto call the displayed name.
– Alternately push Back+ Exitto exit.
Change Your Ring Tones
To change the ring tones on your phone:
If allowed by your extension's Class of Service, you can customize ringing for your telephone. See
Distinctive Ringing in the Telephone Feature Handbook for more.
Push Menu+ Dial
Push Nextto scroll to the ring option you want to customize.
For the selected option, push Selectand follow the on-screen guidance to enter the options.
– 41: Key Assignments enables you to set the ringing mode for Line Keys , Call Coverage Keys ,
– 42: Tone Assignments allows you to assign a ring type to the Day Ring , Night Ring , and Delay
– 43: Tone Configuration lets you set up the specific tone of the Intercom , Ring Groups , Recall ,
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+ Push Select.
and Call Pickup Keys . After selecting a key type, press an illuminated key repeatedly to set the
ringing mode. The available ringing modes are Always , Night Ring , Delay Ring , and Lamp Only .
Ring ringing modes. You can choose between Line Setting (default) , Line-Type "A" , Line-Type "B" ,
and "Line-Type C" . (See the next step to configure the tones for types A, B, and C.)
Line-Type "A" , Line-Type "B" , and Line-Type "C" ring types. For each type, you can select one of
10 preset tones (0-9). You can also use this option to set the tones back to factory default.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents