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Super display telephone
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Empowered by Innovation
Super Display Telephone

User Guide

Rev 1, November 2006
Printed in U.S.A.


Table of Contents


  • Page 1: User Guide

    Empowered by Innovation Super Display Telephone User Guide 1093065 A50-006191-001 Rev 1, November 2006 Printed in U.S.A.
  • Page 2 Installing the Handset And Line Cord When installing the handset: 1. Plug the handset cord into the handset jack on the bottom of the telephone. The handset cord routes through the lower channel on the right side of the telephone base. The line cord does not use a channel and drapes down from the telephone line cord jack or connects to the telephone legs.
  • Page 3: How To Use This Guide

    Removing and Reinstalling the Faceplate To remove the faceplate (if installing a custom DESI label): Put your finger in the recessed area under the faceplate and lift off the faceplate. To reinstall the faceplate: Remove the old label, then insert the customized replacement DESI label.
  • Page 4 the Display and Soft Keys Alphanumeric Display While your phone is idle , the display shows: – The date and time, your name (see page 14), and your extension number. While your phone is ringing , the display shows: – (If an Intercom call) Your caller’s name. –...
  • Page 5 Understanding the Ring/Message Lamp The Ring/Message Lamp – Two quick flashes (green): You have new (unreviewed) calls in your Caller ID log. – Slow flash (green): A call is ringing your phone. – Fast flash (red): There are new voice mail messages in your mailbox. Setting Up Your Speed Dial Bin Keys To store a Personal Speed Dial number in a bin key: Push...
  • Page 6 Outside Calls To answer an outside call: Lift the handset. If you are not automatically connected, press flashing line key. – If you hear a call ringing a co-worker, dial ** and their extension number to pick it up. To place an outside call: Press a line key (normally located on your first two rows of Feature Keys).
  • Page 7 Intercom Calls To And From Co-Workers To answer an Intercom call from a co-worker: Do one of the following: – If you hear two beeps, speak toward your phone. – If you hear Intercom ringing, lift the handset. To dial a co-worker over the Intercom: Press INTERCOM Dial your co-worker’s extension number.
  • Page 8 Place A Call On Hold To place your call on System (Regular) Hold: (Your co-workers can pick up calls you place on System Hold.) Press HOLD – While your outside call is on Hold, the line key will flicker (green). –...
  • Page 9 Set Up A Conference (Telephone Meeting) To set up a telephone meeting: Place or answer your first call. Press CONF Place or answer your next call. Press again to set up the Conference. CONF – Repeat steps 2 through 4 to add additional callers to your Conference. –...
  • Page 10 Dialing By Name (Directory Dialing) To dial a co-worker or outside call by selecting from a group of names: Push Directory. Select a Directory Dialing type: – To call a co-worker, push Extension. – To call a Personal Speed Dial number, push Personal. –...
  • Page 11 Change Ring Tones For Specific Feature Keys To turn Feature Key ringing on and off: (These steps apply to line keys, Call Coverage keys, and Group Call Pickup keys. See the Telephone Feature Handbook for more on setting up Feature Keys.) Do one of the following: –...
  • Page 12 Installing And Using a Headset To install an optional headset: Plug the headset cord into the headset jack on the bottom of the telephone. The headset cord routes through the upper channel on the right side of the telephone base. To set up a headset Feature Key: Dial #KP (#57...
  • Page 13 Using A DSS Console For more call handling power and flexibility, the DSS Console provides 60 additional Feature Keys as well as three Speed Processing Keys along the bottom. (For more on setting up Feature Keys, see the Telephone Feature Handbook .) To use the Speed Processing Keys: The ANSWER Key Press...
  • Page 14 Programming Your Extension’s Name To program your extension’s name: Menu + Name. Push Enter the name following the Name Programming Chart below + Press HOLD – Also use this procedure to program Personal Speed Dial names and Display Messages. Name Programming Chart 1 Press 2 Presses 3 Presses...
  • Page 15 Additional User Programmable Features To program a feature, dial # and the feature’s code. For example, to clear all Call Forwarding, dial # + C C + Y, then SPEAKER to hang up. Normally, Call Forwarding Clear All, System Speed Dial, and Time and Date are only available to extension 300 .
  • Page 16 Calling (Logging Into) Your Mailbox Voice Mail lets callers leave recorded messages for you and lets you leave recorded messages for co-workers. Messages get stored in each person’s mailbox. To listen to your messages or use other voice mail features, call your mailbox and access the Main Menu.
  • Page 17 Voice Mailbox Basics Review these basic features before using your mailbox for the first time. To record a greeting for your mailbox: (Callers hear your greeting before leaving you a message.) V-Mail Press or push V-MAIL Push Greeting. – If you want calls from your company’s Automated Attendant to go directly to your mailbox (with- DND ON out first ringing your phone), push before the next step.
  • Page 18 More Mailbox Features When you log onto your mailbox, you get your mailbox main menu of options. These additional features are avail- able from your main menu. To record and send a message to a co-worker: V-Mail Press or push V-MAIL Push Record.
  • Page 19 More Mailbox Features After listening to a message, to have voice mail announce the message sender, as well as the time and date the message was sent to you: V-Mail Press or push V-MAIL Mbox Options. + Time Stamp. 2. Push 3.
  • Page 20 To record an Attendant Greeting (at extension 300) for the Built-In Automated Attendant, if enabled: Dial (#24). Enter the mailbox number for the Attendant Greeting ( 001-008 Push Listen, Record, Erase or Exit. (1093065) NEC Unified Solutions, Inc. 4 Forest Parkway, Shelton, CT 06484 Empowered by Innovation A50-006191-001 203-926-5400 203-929-0535 TEL: FAX:

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