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Test; Park; Maintenance; General Maintenance - Kanguru Autoloader 100 User Manual

100 target cd duplicator
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Kanguru Autoloader 100

4.5 Test

This function will replicate the autoloader's mechanics. Follow the LCD screen shots
below to begin.

4.6 Park

This function will move the robotic arm out of harms way. Use the Park function if you
need to move the autoloader. Press ENTER to select this function.

5. Maintenance

5.1 General Maintenance

To clean the outside cabinet and plastic panels:
o Turn off the power switch and unplug the unit.
o Use a clean lint free cloth moistened with warm water.
o Dry the unit immediately with a clean lint free cloth.
o Store in a dust free environment when not in use.
6. Troubleshooting and FAQ

6.1 Troubleshooting

Q1. If you have a high disc failure rate:
o Try lowering the writing speed and try again.
o The quality of your blank CDs may be poor, try using a higher grade.
o Your master may contain errors or scratches
Use the UP and DOWN arrows to switch between
modes. (YES or NO)
The Test function will continue until there are no
blank CDs in the hopper.



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