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Frequently Asked Questions; Features And Specifications; Features - Kanguru Autoloader 100 User Manual

100 target cd duplicator
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Kanguru Autoloader 100
Q2. A disc has jammed during operation:
o Please check if the disc is standard size (120mm)
o Please check to see if the discs are level and not warped.
o Make sure your autoloader is on a level surface while in use.
o DO NOT force a disc tray or the robotic arm to remove a disc.
Q3. Discs are not being dropped onto the spindle.
o Make sure the unit is on a level surface.
o Make sure the spindle is properly attached to the base plate
o DO NOT attempt to force the robotic arm into place
Q4. Two or more discs have dropped from the hopper.
o Two discs may have stuck together during the loading process.
o Power down the unit to remove multiple discs.
o Please check to make sure your discs are not out of shape.

6.2 Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many discs can the autoloader copy per hour?
A1. The Kanguru Autoloader can copy about 20 full discs per hour.
Q2. Why should the unit's shipping carton be saved?
A2. In the event that your duplicator needs to be serviced, you will need to send the unit
back in its original packaging, otherwise your warranty may become void.
Q3. What is the purpose of the aluminum tab in the front of the unit?
A3. The aluminum tab stabilizes the CDRW tray as the blank CDs are loaded.
Q4. What should I do if the robotic arm isn't working properly?
A4. Contact our tech support to assess the situation. 508-376-4245

7. Features and Specifications

7.1 Features

• Standalone duplication: no PC required
• 100 disc capacity
• LCD screen for easy operation
• Auto-detection of reject discs
• 6 Advanced Functions: Copy, Emulate, Erase, Autoloader, Test, Park


Table of Contents

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