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How To Change The Direction Of The Drain Hose - Haier WM7003A User Manual

Computerized full-auto washing machine
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How to change the direction of the drain hose

1.Disassemble the bottom plate.
Lean the machine down gently with the front
surface facing the ground. Loosen the eight
screws by a cross screwdriver.
2.Pull out the drain hose from the right side groove.
Useage the drain hose
The drainage shall be smooth with the drain hose.
The height of the drain hose shall be less than 10cm,
or the drainage will not be smooth, and cost such long
time that the machine may stop at mid way.
Do not step on or press the drain hose.
If the drain hose is too long, cut it at mid point. To make
smooth drainage, cut the front end of the hose slantingly.
3.Extend the drain hose out from the left side
The bottom plate
Soft object
Figure 1
4.Install the bottom plate (method as stated in P3).
Use this side groove after
Lift up the machine gently.
change the direction.
If extra drain hose is needed, please make separate
purchase. The inner diameter of the extra hose shall
not less than 30mm, and the length shall not exceed 1.5m.
Before Using
Before Using
Page 3
If the extra hose is too long,
cut it either at A or at B point.
Fix the drain hose
onto the groove.
> 30mm



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