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How To Change The Direction Of The Drain Hose - Haier HWM85-728 User Manual

Fully automatic washing machine
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6 START/PAUSE" button
After the power is switched on, press it to start the machine
During working, push it to pause.
During pause, push this button to restart and go on working.
REMAIN(MINUTES) indicator digitron
During sensing, it displays --
During delay procedure, it displays the remained delay time (in hours).
During operation of programs, it displays the remaining time (in minutes).
In case of abnormal phenomenon, it displays the abnormal symbols
Steps of using the operation buttons and description of each step.
1.Push the "POWER ON/OFF " button to switch on the power
It has the special power resume function. In the case of power failure or the power plug is loose
during running , the machine can save the running program, and resume the program after the
power supply is recovered. You do no t need to set the program again.
2.Push the "PROGRAM" button to select the suitable
automatic program
After switching on the power, the machine will set
automatic program, push the "PROGRAM" button till the relative indicator is light . Refer to the
"PROGRAM "button on Page 10 for the selection. For instance: select "QUICK" program for laundries
with small quantity and light soil.
In selecting the standard program, the machine will execute fuzzy program to select water level
and wash time according to the cloth and weight of the laundries. The full process is controlled
Even there's no water in the tub, the spinning will start
after a certain period.
Wash and spin after putting the damageable clothes
into tuck net, to avoid scathe.
Wash the laundries that are prone to lose colors separately
from other laundries.
When washing start or opening cover intermitting, the washing machine will begin
to work after a period time, this is normal phenomenon.
Only select rinse program,If there's water inside the tub, the machine will spin before
rinsing ,If there's no water the machine will rinse directly.
program automatically. To sel e ct other
Page 10

How to change the direction of the drain hose

1.Loosen the screws of back cover, dismantle the back cover, then take off the drain hose
(As indicated figure 1)
Figure 1
Drain hose
2.Take off the drain hose from base, nip flat the drain hose mouth, dismantle the hang hook, take the
drain hose into cabinet from the left of base As indicated figure 2)
Figure 2
nip flat the drain hose
mouth, dismantle the
hang hook
3.Extend the drain hose from the right side of base, fix the drain hose onto the base with the drain
hose frame, and screw down the screws, put the hang hole onto the drain hose ,then hang up the
drain hose.(As indicated in Figure 3)
Figure 3
4.Install the back cover as primary state.
Remarks: in order to make sure of the correct of installation, it is suggested to change the
direction of the drain hose with our company serviceman .
Usage the drain hose
The drainage shall be smooth with the drain hose.
1.The height of the drain hose shall be less than 10cm,
or the drainage will not be smooth, and cost such long
time that the machine may stop at mid way.
2.Do not step on or press the drain hose.
If the drain hose is too long, cut it at mid point. To make
smooth drainage, cut the front end of the hose slantingly.
4.If extra drain hose is needed, please make separate
purchase. The inner diameter of the extra hose shall
not less than 30mm, and the length shall not exceed
5.If the extra hose is too long, cut it either at A or at B.

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