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Safety Precautions - Haier AD88NAHAAA Operation And Instruction Manual

Duct type air conditioner
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Do not wash the air conditioner with water.
It could cause electric shocks.
Neither stand on the air conditioner nor
place something on it.
There are risks of falling or injury by collapsed object.
Do not use the power switch to turn on or
off the system.
It could cause a fire or water leakage.
When operating the system simultaneously
with a combustion apparatus, indoor air must
be ventilated frequently.
Insufficient ventilation could cause an
oxygen deficiency accident.
When cleaning the system, stop the operation
and turn off the power switch.
Cleaning should never be done while the internal
fans are running with high speed.
Modification of the system is strictly prohibited. When the system
needs a repair, consult your dealer.
Improper practice of repair could cause water leakage, electric shock or fire.
Do not install the system where the air outlet
reaches directly the flora and fauna.
It will not be good for their health.
It is strictly prohibited to place a container of
combustible gas or liquid near the air condi-
tioner or to spray it directly with the gas or liquid.
It could cause a fire accident.
Do not touch the air outlet section while
the swing louver is operating.
There is a risk of injury.
Check occasionally the support structure of
the unit for any damageafter a use of long
period of time.
If the structure is not repaired immediately, the
unit could topple down to causea personal injury.
Do not put water containers on the unit
such as a flower vase, etc.
If the structure is not repaired immediately, the
unit could topple down to cause apersonal injury.
When the air conditioner is relocated, contact your dealer or a pro-
fessional installer.
Improper practice of installation could cause water leakage, electric shock or fire.
Make sure to use a fuse of proper electric
Use of steel or copper wire in place of a fuse is strictly
prohibited because it could result in a trouble or fire
Do not operate the system while the
air outlet grill is removed.
There is a risk of injury.
Do not use such equipment as a water
heater, etc. around the indoor unit or the
wire controller.
If the system is operated at the vicinity of such equip-
ment which generates steam, condensed water may
drip during cooling operation or it could cause a fault
current or short-circuit.
Do not place any objects on or climb on
the unit.
Do not try to repair or reconstruct by yourself.


Table of Contents

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