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Haier AD88NAHAAA Operation And Instruction Manual page 38

Duct type air conditioner
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Use a vacuum pump with high degree of vacuum(below-755mmHg) and large volume
displacement (above 40L/min)
The pumping time depends on the length of the connecting pipe.Generally,it takes about 2-3
hours.Make sure that the Y-shaped valves on both the gas and liquid sides are closed before
If the vacuum can no reach-755mmHg within 2 hours,continue pumping for another 1 hour.
If the vacuum can no reach-755mmHg after more than 2 hour's pumping,close the valves V
and V
on the gauge distributor and stop pumping.One hour later,check the vacuum again.If
the vacuum has changed,it means there is a leakage.Repair it.
After the above steps,replace the vacuum pump with the refrigerant pump and refill refrigerant.
Refrigerant charge
After finished vacuum the system ,change the vacuum to the refrigerant pump.,charging the
refrigerant .
Calculation of the the refrigerant charge
Note:when the unit shipping out of the factory ,charge the refrigerant not including the
construction procedure charged parts.
The calculation of the refrigerant charging:
When the connection pipe (L) <=5 meters ,not need to add refrigerant ;If the connection pipe
(L)>5 meters,we need recharge the 115g refrigerant per add 1 meter.
That is :the quantity of refrigerant charging=(L-5)*115(g)
Refill refrigerant
When the outdoor valve is shut,fill the refrigerant from the access hole at the gas and liquid
If the required filling is impossible,open all the gas and liquid valves,then slightly shut the gas
valve, run the compressor and fill the refrigerant from the access hole at the gas side.
Now adjust the gas valve to control the refrigerant flow,which will be gasified during absorption
by the system.
If there is insufficient refrigerant in the system caused by leaks,refill it after the remaining
refrigerant is recollected.
Open all valves
Open all the valves of the outdoor unit.
Heat isolation of the pipes
Separate isolation should be made for the liquid and gas pipes.
Materials used for the pipe isolation at the gas side must withstand above 120 C temperature.


Table of Contents

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