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Haier AD88NAHAAA Operation And Instruction Manual

Duct type air conditioner
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No. 0010575124
Please read this manual carefully before installing and using the air conditioning unit.
Please keep this manual safe for future use.



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  Summary of Contents for Haier AD88NAHAAA

  • Page 1 DUCT TYPE AIR CONDITIONER OPERATION & INSTRUCTION MANUAL AD88NAHAAA AU88NATAAA HDU-88H03/(H) No. 0010575124 Please read this manual carefully before installing and using the air conditioning unit. Please keep this manual safe for future use.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

  • Page 3: Cautions

    Damaged air conditioners are not to be put into operation. In case of doubt, consult your supplier. Use of the air conditioner is to be carried out in strict compliance with the relative instructions set forth in the User's Guide.
  • Page 4 Unless the circuit breaker is installed, it could cause elecrical shocks. Install on the place where can endure the weight of air conditioner. Bodily injury could result by a careless installation. WARNING Do not poke the air inlet or outlet with a bar, etc.
  • Page 5: Safety Precautions

    If the structure is not repaired immediately, the unit could topple down to cause apersonal injury. WARNING When the air conditioner is relocated, contact your dealer or a pro- fessional installer. Improper practice of installation could cause water leakage, electric shock or fire.
  • Page 6 6. The breaker of the air conditioner should be all-pole switch; and the distance between its two contacts should be no less 3mm.
  • Page 7: Parts And Functions

    PARTS AND FUNCTIONS Indoor Unit Air outlet Duct Duct Drainpipe Air inlet Air outlet Air inlet Air inlet...
  • Page 8: Fan Speed

    PARTS AND FUNCTIONS Operation CLOCK Used to set correct time. TIMER Used to select TIMER ON, TIMER OFF, TIMER ON/OFF. TIME Used to set clock and timer setting. Power ON/OFF Used for unit start and stop. Cautions: On cooling only unit, heating mode is not available.
  • Page 9 PARTS AND FUNCTIONS Operation Buttons and display of the wire controller. HEAT AUTO COOL Remote control SLEEP FAN SPEED OPERATING LAMP TIMER ON FAN OPERATION TIMER OFF TEMP. CLOCK Clock set When unit is started for the first time, clock should be adjusted as follows: Press CLOCK button, "AM"or "PM"...
  • Page 10: Operation

    OPERATION The air conditioner has the function of POWER FAILURE RESUME. Fan operation Enjoy yourself by just a gentle press. (1) Unit start Press ON/OFF button, unit starts. Previous operation status appears on display. (Not Timer setting) Power indicator lights up.
  • Page 11 OPERATION AUTO RUN, COOL,HEAT and DRY operation Recommendations (1) Unit start Press ON/OFF button, unit starts. Previous operation status appears on display (Not Timer setting). Power indicator lights up. (2) Select operation mode Press MODE button. For each press, operation mode changes as follows: AUTO COOL Unit will run in operation mode displayed on LCD.
  • Page 12: Timer Operation

    OPERATION TIMER operation Set Clock correctly before starting Timer operation. You can let unit start or stop automatically at following time: Before you wake up in the morning, or get back from outside or after you fall asleep at night. TIMER ON/OFF (1)After unit start, select your desired operation mode.
  • Page 13 OPERATION TIMER ON-OFF (1)After unit start, select your desired operation mode Operation mode will be displayed on LCD. Power indicator lights up. (2) Press TIMER button to change TIMER mode Every time the button is pressed, display changes as follows: Select (3)Time setting for TIMER ON Press TIME button.
  • Page 14 Press SLEEP button once to make the air conditioner have the previous-set sleep time (first power- on is "1h"), the sleep symbol will appear. Press time button 1~8 hours. Each press of / , the time increases/reduces 1 hour and "xh"...
  • Page 15: Operation

    Notes: When a power failure suddenly occurs during the air conditioner is working after the power failure compensation is set, if the air conditioner will not be used for a long time, please cut off the power supply to prevent its operation from being resumed after the power is supplied again, or press the "Switch On/Off"...
  • Page 16: Malfunction

    Isn't it warming up? page 9 When the air conditioner does not operate properly after you have checked the above mentioned items or when the following phenomenon is observed, stop the operation of the air conditioner and contact your sales dealer.
  • Page 17 Water or steam generates from the outdoor unit during heating. When the air conditioner is started, when the compressor starts or stops during operation or when the air conditioner is stopped, it sometimes sounds "shuru shuru" or "gobo gobo". It is the flowing sound of the refrigerant, and it is not a trouble.
  • Page 18: Care And Maintenance

    Operate the unit with FAN mode on a fair day for about half a day to dry the inside of the unit well. Stop operation and turn off the power supply switch. Electric power is consumed even the air conditioner is in stop.
  • Page 19: For Preparation Of Heating("Hot Keep")

    Defrosting operation When a room is warmed with a heat pump type air conditioner, frost accumulates on the heat ex- changer of outdoor unit along with the drop of indoor temperature. Since the accumulated frost re- duces the effect of warming, it is necessery to automatically switch the operation to the defrosting mode.
  • Page 20: Is The Unit Installed Correctly

    Besides, construction expense is charged for removal or reinstallation. The capacity of air conditioner will decrease by contamination of inside of unit when it is used for about three years although depending upon the circumstances under which it is used, and so in addition to the usual maintenance service, special inspection/maintenance service is necessary.
  • Page 21: Installation Manual For Wire Controller

    INSTALLATION MANUAL FOR WIRE CONTROLLER 1. Remove upper part of wire controller Remove upper part of wire controller by press. PCB is mounted on lower part of wire controller, be careful not to damage it. 2. Install wire controller (1) For exposed installation, use 2 wood screws (accessory).
  • Page 22: Installation Manual For Wire Controller

    INSTALLATION MANUAL FOR WIRE CONTROLLER 3. Indoor unit wiring Connect terminals (A,B,C,D) on lower part of wire controller to terminals (A, B,C,D) on PCB of indoor unit. wiring from here Lower part of wire controller Upper part of wire controller Hint Tread surface of the terminal well so that shielding may not contact other part.
  • Page 23: Installation Manual For Indoor Unit

    Take care that wiring does not rise upward, and accurately install the lid/service panel. Its improper installation can also result in heat generation or fire. When setting up or moving the location of the air conditioner, do not mix air etc. or anything other than the designated refrigerant (R22) within the refrigeration cycle.
  • Page 24 INSTALLATION MANUAL FOR INDOOR UNIT All Wiring of this installation must comply with NATIONAL, STATE AND LOCAL REGULATIONS. These instructions do not cover all variations for every kind of installation circumstance. Should further information be desired or should particular problems occur, the matter should be referred to your local distributor. BE SURE TO READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE BEGINNING INSTALLATION.
  • Page 25 INSTALLATION MANUAL FOR INDOOR UNIT 3. Preparation before installation (1) The position relation among hoisting screw (unit: mm) Down side Up side (2) If necessary, cut the opening installation and checking needed on the ceiling. (If has ceiling) Before installation, finish the preparation work of all the pipes (refrigerant, drainage) and wire (wire controller connection wire, indoor and outdoor unit connection wire) of indoor unit, so that after installation, they can be immediately connected with outdoor unit.
  • Page 26 INSTALLATION MANUAL FOR INDOOR UNIT Adjusting to the levelness (a) Adjust the out-of levelness using a level or by the following method. Make adjustment so that the relation between the lower surface of the unit proper and water level in the hose becomes as given below.
  • Page 27 Insulation Air outlet Please consult the after-sales service worker of Haier Air Conditioner for the choosing and installation of suction inlet, suction duct, discharging outlet and discharging duct. Calculating the design drawing and outer static pressure, and choose the discharging duct with proper length and shape.
  • Page 28: Installation Manual For Indoor Unit

    Air volume /h(m 600(10) 1,000 1,200(20) 1,400 1,600 Bad example Air conditioner Equipped with air filter (bought) Calculate as per 1m length 1Pa, 1Pa/m Each bend takes as a3~4m long straight duct Calculate as 25Pa Calculate as 50Pa/each Calculate as 40Pa/each...
  • Page 29: Installation Manual For Electric Wiring

    INSTALLATION MANUAL FOR ELECTRIC WIRING 8. The attentive matters in installation of air suction and discharging duct Recommend to use anti-frost and sound-absorbing duct. (locally bought) The duct installation work should be finished before the fitment of ceiling. The duct must be heat insulated. The specific air-discharging outlet should be installed at the place where the airflow can be reasonably distributed.
  • Page 30 INSTALLATION MANUAL FOR ELECTRIC WIRING 10. The operation method of fan controller Through the fan controller switch in the electric box, the air volume of this unit can be continuously adjusted. It is unnecessary to adjust air volume through the duct side wind level (unit outside static adjustment). The air volume set should be in the operation air volume range.
  • Page 31: Refrigerant Pipe

    INSTALLATION MANUAL FOR ELECTRIC WIRING 11. Refrigerant pipe [The air side pipe, liquid side pipe must be faithfully heat insulated, if no heat insulation, it may cause water leakage.] The outdoor unit has been charged with refrigerant. When connect the pipe to the unit or dismantling the pipe from the unit, please follow the figure shown, use spanner and torque spanner together.
  • Page 32: Installation Manual For Electric Wiring

    INSTALLATION MANUAL FOR ELECTRIC WIRING Electric wiring DANGER OF BODILY INJURY OR DEATH TURN OFF ELECTRIC POWER AT CIRCUIT BREAKER OR POWER SOURCE BEFORE MAKING ANY ELECTRIC CONNECTIONS. GROUND CONNECTIONS MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE MAKING LINE VOLTAGE CONNECTIONS. (1) Selection of size of power supply and interconnecting wires. Precautions for Electric wiring Electric wiring work should be conducted only by authorized personnel.
  • Page 33: Installation Manual For Outdoor Unit

    Selection of installation site It should be installed at places where it is firm enough to withstand the weight of the air conditioner to prevent falling. Typhoon and earthquake prevention. It should be installed according to specific requirements. Inasppropriate installation may lead to accidents.
  • Page 34 Refer to the following figure for the distance between the foundation bolts. (2)When the refrigerant pipe is connected from the bottom of the unit,the unit should be raised at least 500mm(see the figure below) (3)In snowy regions,snow-proof facilities should be used(see the figure below).
  • Page 35 INSTALLATION MANUAL FOR OUTDOOR UNIT Base plate (6) During welding,the gas pipe valve must be cooled down with a wet cotton cloth. (7)The maximum connnection pipe is 50 meters ,the maximum drop difference between indoor unit and outdoor unit is 30 meters. (8)It should installation the liquid check-ring and accumulator according to the outdoor unit and indoor unit position.(see the attached diagram) Diag1.outdoor unit below the indoor unit.
  • Page 36 INSTALLATION MANUAL FOR OUTDOOR UNIT Outdoor unit pipelines connection According to the pipeline connection method connection the distribute pipes and inlet & outlet liquid pipes. Leak Test Leak test must be made after connection of the refrigerant pipe according to the following diagram. Close all the gas and liquid valves.To prevent nitrogen gas from invading the outdoor circulating system,close the valve tightly before pressure increase,(Both the gas and liquid valves must be tightly closed.)
  • Page 37 INSTALLATION MANUAL FOR OUTDOOR UNIT Step 1:Charge for more than 3 minutes under 0.3MPa(3.0kg/cm Step 2:Charge for more than 3 minutes under 1.5MPa(15kg/cm -----------Serious leakage may be found. Step 3:Charge for more than 24 hours under 3.0MPa(3.0kg/cm ----------Small leakage may be found. Check for pressure decrease Without pressure decrease-Pass With pressure decrease-Check for leaage.
  • Page 38 INSTALLATION MANUAL FOR OUTDOOR UNIT Use a vacuum pump with high degree of vacuum(below-755mmHg) and large volume displacement (above 40L/min) The pumping time depends on the length of the connecting pipe.Generally,it takes about 2-3 hours.Make sure that the Y-shaped valves on both the gas and liquid sides are closed before pumping.

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