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Haier AD88NAHAAA Operation And Instruction Manual page 34

Duct type air conditioner
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Refer to the following figure for the distance between the
foundation bolts.
(2)When the refrigerant pipe is connected from the bottom of
the unit,the unit should be raised at least 500mm(see the
figure below)
(3)In snowy regions,snow-proof facilities should be used(see
the figure below).
(Poor snow-proof facilities may lead to damge.To avoid
inconveniences,the unit should be raised and snow-proof
covers should be installed at the air inlet and outlet.)
(4)During installation,anti-vibration rubber pads should be
used between the machine and the bracket.
3.Connection of refrigerant pipe
During installation,if refrigerant leakage occurs,ventilation measures must be taken.When refrigerant
meets with fire,hazadous gas will be produced.
After installation,make sure that there is no refrigerant leakage.
Refrigerant,if meeting with heaters and stoves,ect in the room,may produce hazardous gas.
Connection of refrigerant pipe
(1) The joints of the refrigerant pipe are inside the unit.Take off the access hole cover in front of the unit.
(2) The pipe can be connected from the front or bottom of the outdoor unit.
(3) Remove the L-shaped pipe from the valve by welding and connect the accessory pipe to the valve.
(4) In the case of front connection,cut the accessory pipe at the height of the fixing panel.Then join the
pipe with an elbow and let it go through the fixing panel.For the convenience of maintenance,bend
the pipe down (once) and then connect pipe to the right or left.
(5) In the case of bottom connection,join the pipe with accessory pipe through the holes in the base plate
of the outdoor unit,and connect pipe the left or right or the back.
Air inlet snow-proof cover
Through hole(15x20)
Refrigerant tube
Air outlet snow-
proof cover
Air inlet snow-
proof cover


Table of Contents

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