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Installation Manual For Electric Wiring - Haier AD88NAHAAA Operation And Instruction Manual

Duct type air conditioner
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8. The attentive matters in installation of air suction and discharging duct
Recommend to use anti-frost and sound-absorbing duct. (locally bought)
The duct installation work should be finished before the fitment of ceiling.
The duct must be heat insulated.
The specific air-discharging outlet should be installed at the place where the airflow can be reasonably
The surface should leave a checking meatus for checking and maintenance.
9. The examples of improper installation
Do not use air in duct and take the ceiling inner side instead. The result is because of the irregular
outer air mass, strong wind and sunshine, the humidity is increased.
There may be water drop on the outside of duct. For cement and other new constructions, even if
not taking ceiling inner side as duct, the humidity will also be so high. At this time, use glass fiber
to perform heat preservation to the whole. (use iron net to bind the glass fiber)
Maybe exceeding the unit operation limit (for example: when indoor dry bulb temperature is 35 C,
wet bulb temperature 24 C), it may lead to overload of compressor.
Affected by the capacity of air discharging fan, the strong wind in the outer duct and wind direction,
when unit air sending volume exceeds the limit, the discharged water of heat exchanger will overflow,
leading to water leakage.
Special air discharging outlet
Use screw bolt to fix
Air discharging fan
Improper example


Table of Contents

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