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Range Hood Care; Cleaning - Whirlpool UXT3030AD Installation Instructions And Use & Care Manual


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IMPORTANT: Clean the hood and grease filters frequently
according to the following instructions. Replace the grease
filter before operating hood.
Exterior Surfaces
IMPORTANT: Do not use soap-filled scouring pads,
abrasive cleaners, cooktop polishing creme, steel wool,
gritty washcloths or paper towels.
To avoid damage to the stainless steel, do not use cleaners
that contain chlorine.
Cleaning Method:
Liquid detergent or all-purpose cleaner:
Rinse with clean water and dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.
Glass cleaner to remove fingerprints.
For stainless steel models rub in the direction of the
grain to avoid scratching or damaging the surface.
For stainless steel models, use Stainless Steel Cleaner
and Polish, Part Number 31462A (not included):
See the "Assistance or Service" section to order.
Metal Grease Filter
To Clean the Filter:
1. Remove the screw from the grease filter retainer.
2. Turn the grease filter retainer to release the filter.
A. Filter retainer
3. Wash the metal filter as needed in a dishwasher
or hot detergent solution.
To Replace the Filter:
1. To reinstall the filter, place the back edge of the filter into the
channel at the rear of the hood. Push the filter into place and
turn the filter retainer to secure the filter to the range hood.
2. Replace the screw in the grease filter retainer.



Replacing the Light Bulb
Turn off the range hood and allow the light bulb to cool.
1. Disconnect power.
2. Squeeze the plastic lens cover and remove it from the hood.
3. Screw a 120V, 75W maximum, light bulb with
4. Replace the lens cover by squeezing the cover
5. Reconnect power.
If the new light does not operate, make sure the light bulb
is inserted correctly before calling service.
E26 base into the socket.
and inserting the tabs into the slots.


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