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Range Hood Use; Range Hood Controls - Whirlpool UXT3030AD Installation Instructions And Use & Care Manual


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12. Make Electrical Connection
Option 1 - Direct Wire Installations
Use a UL Listed/CSA Approved wire connector
and connect the 2 white wires (A) together.
Use a UL Listed/CSA Approved wire connector
and connect the 2 black wires (B) together.
Fire Hazard
Electrically ground the blower.
Use copper wire.
Connect ground wire to green ground screw in
terminal box.
Failure to do so can result in death, fire, or
electrical shock.
Connect the green (or bare) ground wire (C) from the
power supply to the green ground screw in the electrical
box and tighten the screw securely.
Reinstall the electrical box cover.
Reconnect power.
Option 2 - Power Cord Kit Installations
For optional power cord kit installations, follow the instructions
supplied with the power cord kit. See the "Assistance or
Service" section for information on ordering.
NOTE: Use only with range hood cord connection kits that
have been investigated and found acceptable for use with
this model range hood.
13. Complete the Installation
Install a 120V, 75W maximum, light bulb with
E26 base. See "Replacing the Light Bulb" in
the "Range Hood Care" section.
If removed previously, replace the filter. See "Metal
Grease Filter" in the "Range Hood Care" section.
For vented installations: Install a metal filter.
Check the operation of the range hood fan and light.
See the "Range Hood Use" section.
If the range hood does not operate, check to see whether
a circuit breaker has tripped or a household fuse has blown.
Disconnect the power and check the wiring connections.
NOTE: To get the most efficient use from your new
range hood, read the "Range Hood Use" section.


The range hood is designed to remove smoke, cooking
vapors and odors from the cooktop area. For best results,
start the hood before cooking and allow it to operate several
minutes after the cooking is complete to clear all smoke and
odors from the kitchen.
The hood controls are located on the front panel of
the range hood.
A. Light housing and cover
B. Grease filter retainer
C. Grease filter

Range Hood Controls

A. On/Off light switch
B. Fan speed switch
Operating the light
Press the light switch to the left to turn the light On.
Press the light switch to the right to turn the light Off.
Operating the fan
The fan has 2 speeds.
Press the fan switch to the left for Low speed.
Press the fan switch to the right for High speed.
Return the fan switch to the center to turn the fan Off.


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