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• Whenever connecting something to the digital piano,
first use the VOLUME controller to set the volume to
a low level. After connecting, you can adjust the
volume to the level you want.

Connecting Headphones

Connect commercially available headphones to the
PHONES jacks. Connecting headphones to either of
the PHONES jack cuts off output to the speakers,
which means you can practice even late at night
without bothering others. To protect your hearing,
make sure that you do not set the volume level too high
when using headphones.
• Be sure to push the headphones plug into the
PHONES jacks as far as it will go. If you don't, you
may hear sound from only one side of the
• If the plug of the headphones you are using does not
match the PHONES jacks, use the applicable
commercially available adaptor plug.
• If you are using headphones that require an adaptor
plug, make sure you do not leave the adaptor
plugged in when you unplug the headphones. If you
do, nothing will sound from the speakers when you
Connecting Audio Equipment
or an Amplifier
You can connect audio equipment or a music amplifier
to the digital piano and then play through external
speakers for more powerful volume and better sound
PHONES jacks
Stereo standard plug
To either of the digital piano's PHONES jack
Pin plug
LEFT (White)
Stereo standard plug
Pin plug (white)
Pin plug (red)
Connecting Audio Equipment (Figure 1)
Use commercially available connecting cords
(Standard Plug × 1, Pin Plugs × 2) to connect as shown
in Figure 1. Make sure that the end of the cord that
you connect to the digital piano is a stereo standard
plug. A monaural standard plug will result in output of
only one of the two stereo channels. Normally, you
should set the input selector of the audio equipment to
the terminal where the digital piano is connected (AUX
IN, etc.) Adjust volume using the digital piano's
VOLUME controller.
Connecting a Music Amplifier (Figure 2)
Connect the connecting cord* to one of the types of
amplifiers shown in Figure 2.
Adjust volume using the digital piano's VOLUME
* Digital Piano: Stereo standard plug
: Inputs signals for the left and right
channels. Not connecting either plug
will result in output of only one of the
two stereo channels.
Bundled and Optional
Use only accessories that are specified for use with this
digital piano.
Use of unauthorized accessories creates the risk of fire,
electric shock, and personal injury.
• You can get information about accessories that are
sold separately for this product from the CASIO
catalog available from your retailer, and from the
CASIO website at the following URL.
Audio amplifier AUX IN jack, etc.
Guitar amplifier
Keyboard amplifier, etc.
Pin jack
Standard plug

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents