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Recording and Play Back
To record to a specific track of
a song
After recording to either of the tracks of a song, you can
record to the other track while listening to playback
what you recorded in the first track.
Press the RECORDER button twice so its
lamp is flashing.
• At this time the L lamp will flash to indicate that the
digital piano is standing by for recording to Track 1.
While holding down the FUNCTION button,
press the RECORDER (L) button or
METRONOME (R) button to select the track
you want to record.
• Make sure that the indicator lamp for the record track
is flashing.
Track 1: L lamp
Track 2: R lamp
Track 1 selected
Select the tone and effects (Track 1 only) you
want to use in your recording.
• Tone (page E-7)
• Effects (page E-10)
• If you want the metronome to sound while you are
recording, configure the beat and tempo settings,
and then press the METRONOME button. See
"Using the Metronome" on page E-11 for more
Start playing something on the keyboard.
• Recording will start automatically.
To stop recording, press the SONG a
• This will cause the RECORDER button lamp and the
lamp of the track you recorded to change from
flashing to lit.
• To play back the track you just recorded, press the
SONG a button.
After you are finished recording or playing
back, press the RECORDER button so its
lamp goes out.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents